My Detox Journey with Traditional Korean Medicine: The Beginning

Through the annual health check-up, I was told that I had some abnormal cells, but my doctor told me that there was no need to worry because many of these abnormal cells disappear when I improve my health and lifestyle. I did not have any plans of doing anything about it, but when my mother-in-law found out, she highly recommended trying traditional Korean medicine.


What is that? Umm… okay? Sure? Tell me about it!

In the past few months, my mother-in-law did not eat meals with us and only drank a specific tea and drink, and through those efforts her blood sugar went down to normal levels and the warts on her legs disappeared. Later, I learned that she was doing a detox with traditional Korean medicine, so she would be able to remove all the bad things out of her body. She hoped that the detox would also help me remove my abnormal cells.

KTX train
So I went down south all the way to Gumi,
where my in-law’s family doctor resided.

When I first saw the Korean medicine doctor that my Korean husband and parents-in-law has been going to for many years, he measured my pulse by touching my wrist and told me that I was the So-Yang-in (少陽人) type. According to traditional Korean medicine, there are four types of people, or Sasang (四象), who have different personalities and body types. These types also have different kinds of food that are a better match with their body.

Characteristics of the Sasang (四象, four types) constitutions.

Then came the shocking truth. In order to remove these abnormal cells from my body, I had to replace one meal with some Korean medicine and nutrients for the first 5 days, replace two meals for the next 10 days, and replace all three meals for the last 10 days (or more).

nervous sweating, starving
Excuse me…?

What was more shocking was that he said it is best to replace dinner first because that’s when we typically eat the most unhealthy meals, but to me that meant that I would not be able to socialize with my friends through dinner. Eventually I would not be able to eat anything with anyone. I also had a trip to Tokyo planned during the next few weeks. What was the point of going to Tokyo if I could not eat?!?!

But it was too late for me to back out. We spent three hours one-way just to see this doctor and my parents-in-law were truly worried and really wanted me to improve my overall health through this method. They were also paying a lot of money for this Korean medicine that I would not have willingly paid for on my own. I will have to return the cost to them little by little.

money flying away

Since we are spending that much money, time, and effort as a family, I have to try to do my best. I wonder how I will physically and mentally change through my detox journey.


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