My Detox Journey With Traditional Korean Medicine: Phase 4

When I first started this detox, I dreaded the possibility of continuing this for two months but here I am now— starting the second month. It would be a lie to say that I don’t get hungry. I think about food all the time. My restaurants-that-I-want-to-go-to list is getting longer and longer every day, and I continue to watch a lot of mukbang and cooking videos on Instagram and YouTube.

thinking about food

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Replacing 3 Meals Per Day

In phase 4, which was the first 10 days of the second month, I was supposed to replace 3 meals per day. The doctor told me that these 10 days would be the most important few days for my detox.

doctor cat

During those days, I got hungry exactly three hours after I had the replacement meal, so as always, I munched on some nuts or tomatoes if I felt like it was too early for a meal.

munching on nuts

I also had a bite or two of a normal meal after the replacement meals. This was more for my sanity than my hunger. Without those few bites of cheating, I would not have made it this far.

Satisfaction from Cooking and Feeding

I also started cooking more often because I enjoyed thinking about, looking at, and touching food. Whenever I had something that I wanted to eat, I cooked it, enjoyed one or two bites of it, and made my husband eat the rest. Sometimes my husband had other things he wanted to eat, but he helped me fulfill my food satisfaction.

Time to Enjoy Normal Lunches

In phase 5, I will be eating the traditional Korean medicine for breakfast and dinner, but will start eating a healthy lunch with actual food! I have been looking forward to this for over 20 days.

love eating

Although I want to eat fried food and instant noodles, I will hold back on that a little longer and focus on consuming more vegetables. To let my body slowly adjust to normal food again, I’ll probably be exploring some more vegetarian and vegan options available in Seoul.


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