The Raccoon Cafe with a Corgi and a Capybara- Sookmyung Women’s University Station, Seoul

It’s been almost two years since I first went to a Raccoon Cafe in Seoul.

Recently, I learned that there’s a capybara in one of the raccoon cafes in Seoul so I did some research and found Blind Alley near Sookmyung Women’s University Station.

When we first entered the store we read the rules for the raccoon room and paid the 6,000 KRW entrance fee and one drink for each person. The drinks ranged from 3,000 to 6,500 KRW. They put our sticker on our hands to show that we paid for the entrance fee.

IMG_9520From the outside it looks like a normal cafe with just one Corgi sleeping under the table.

But when you go further inside, there is a raccoon room and a capybara room.

In the raccoon room there was one white raccoon and two gray raccoons. When I went there, two of them were sleeping and one of them was chilling on a pipe near the ceiling.

When one of the workers grabbed the raccoon that was awake, she started putting the raccoon on the customers’ heads for pictures.



Wow… I thought about joining them… but didn’t want raccoon hair in my hair so I just took pictures from afar.

My friends and I liked the quiet capybara better. We were told by the workers there that it gets scared easily, and we each got a piece of lettuce to get close to the capybara. As soon as we entered the capybara room, the capybara ran away to the corner and faced the wall… when we fed the lettuce, it faced us, but once it got half of the lettuce, it pulled the lettuce away from our hands and ate while facing the wall. Maybe it is stressed, scared, and lonely…

the lonely capybara…

But it looked so cute when it ate T_T and its fur was much harder than we thought.


I wish they’d make a cafe solely for capybaras so that the environment would be more suited for them!

Blind Alley


スクリーンショット 2017-07-02 午後2.38.25

HOW TO GET THERE: From Line 4 Sookmyung Women’s University Station, get out of exit 10. Make a left u-turn from the exit, and turn right to go through a tunnel. Go straight for about 5-7 minutes and you’ll see Blind Alley on your right.

ADDRESS: 서울 용산구 청파로47길 76 (Seoul Yongsan-gu Cheongpa-ro 47-gil 76)

PHONE NUMBER: 02-701-6075

HOURS: 10:00 AM TO 10:00 PM

Naver Place
Tmon (Discount tickets in Korean)
*all tickets must be used within 30 days of the purchase
A. Raccoon Room Entrance Ticket:
6,000 KRW > 3,600 KRW (must get a separate drink at the take out price or get dessert)
B. Raccoon Room Entrance Ticket and One drink:
10,500 KRW > 7,350 KRW
C. Raccoon Room Entrance Ticket for Two, Ricotta Cheese Salad, and Two Drinks
30,500 KRW > 21,350 KRW
D. Raccoon Room Entrance Ticket for Three, Ricotta Cheese Salad, Bingsu, and One Drink
44,000 KRW > 30,800 KRW

スクリーンショット 2017-07-02 午後2.06.03.png




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