12 Similar Places to Hang Out in Seoul and Tokyo


After I’ve lived in both cities, I found out that there are many similar places to hang out in each city. If a friend knows Tokyo well, I can describe Seoul to him/her through names of places in Tokyo. The opposite would work as well.

홍대                 渋谷

Hongdae               Shibuya


Young people in their late teens and early 20s gather here for shopping, drinking, eating, clubbing, and staying out all night. Hongdae is surrounded by many colleges, and Shibuya is known as the place for fashion in Tokyo.

The most popular meeting place in Hongdae is the subway station’s exit 9. It gets so crowded that the stairs of that exit becomes packed. For Shibuya, it is the Hachikou exit, which has the famous dog statue. It’s common for Japanese people to say, “See you in front of the Hachikou!”

명동                 原宿

Myeongdong         Harajuku



This is also a popular shopping area for teenagers and tourists. Harajuku is known for some unique and colorful styles of clothes.

My favorite street food in Myeongdong is the skewer with mochi/dduk and meatballs. My favorite snack in Harajuku is crepes.

강남                 六本木

Gangnam              Roppongi


This is the place to go if you want to dress up to go clubbing with young adults. This area is more expensive compared Hongdae, which is more of a casual place to go clubbing. Roppongi is known as a popular place among foreigners and Japanese celebrities as well.

종로                 上野

 Jongno              Ueno

IMG_2627 DSCN5417

This is a popular place for businessmen to hang out after work for some drinks with coworkers. Maybe they go to some karaoke/noraebang to relieve their stress while having some fun. Some couples like to take walks along the stream near Jongno. Ueno is also famous for Ueno Park and Ueno Zoo. During the cherry blossom season, many locals and tourists will visit to take pictures at the cherry blossom alley.

신사                 表参道

             Shinsa                Omote-sandou

IMG_3128 IMG_1073

This is a popular, but slightly more expensive shopping area for adults. There are many stylish cafes and restaurants surrounding the area. Shinsa is also known for having many plastic surgery clinics, so you may run into a shopper with bandages on his/her face.

                     동대문                   池袋                      

          Dongdaemun         Ikebukuro              


Not the most popular place, but still has many places to shop for clothing.

Dongdaemun is also known for their traditional market, and Ikebukuro is known for their aquarium and anime goods.

 혜화                 吉祥寺下北沢

                       Hyehwa                 Kichijouji and Shimokitazawa


It was hard to choose one for this, because Hyehwa is like a combination of Kichijouji and Shimokitazawa and I couldn’t choose one or the other.

This is a cute neighborhood that is not as busy as Shibuya and Myeongdong, but it is known for a popular place to hang out because it has many cafes and restaurants(K), stationery stores(K),  a big park where you can enjoy nature(K), and has many local theater troupes performing every day(S).

이촌                 新大久保

     Ichon            Shin-ookubo


If you miss Korea in Tokyo, or you miss Japan in Seoul, this is the place to go. Ichon is like a Japan Town with many Japanese food restaurants and even a Japanese food market. Many Japanese people live in this quiet residential area. Shin-ookubo is a Korea Town with many Korean food and goods.  Japanese K-pop fans can go there to buy something that reminds them of their favorite Korean celebrities.

안국                 浅草

    Anguk            Asakusa

DSCN3649 DSCN3657 DSCN3682 DSCN3685DSCN8475DSCN8467DSCN8471


If you want to see some history and tradition within the metropolitan city, go to this place. On the main street, you’ll find many unique crafts that would be good for souvenirs. They will also have some traditional snacks that would please your tastebuds. In Asakusa, start from the station, and walk towards Sensou-ji (Temple). You can also take a rickshaw to get your personal guide to see the traditional side in Asakusa and modern side near the Sky Tree.

용산                 秋葉原

  Yongsan             Akihabara


Are you a big fan of anime/manhwa/manga? Or do you like building your own computer? This place would have everything you need. Yongsan also has the famous Dragon Hill Spa, so you could also enjoy a relaxing bath along with some delicious meals and exciting arcade games. If you’re in Akihabara, you’ll have plenty of choices for restaurants. You can also try out the famous Maid Cafe that everyone talks about.

노량진                   築地

Noryangjin               Tsukiji


IMG_0846 IMG_0867

This is a fish market that attracts many locals and tourists who love seafood. Tsukiji is known for their tuna dissection show. Noryangjin is known for its moving octopus legs, which are cut into small pieces and served with sesame oil and salt. In Japan, raw fish is usually enjoyed with soy sauce and wasabi, but in Korea, it is also enjoyed with red pepper sauce and miso.

회기              月島

           Hoegi           Tsukishima

DSCN5323 DSCN5325 DSCN5332 DSCN9043

This alley is full of the same pan-fried delicacy. Hoegi is known for its Pajeon Alley. Pajeon are Korean pancakes. Popular ones are kimchi pancakes and seafood pancakes. Tsukishima is known for their Monja Street. Okonomiyaki is a famous Japanese pancake from Western Japan, but Monja is a pan-fried meal originated from Tokyo. Monja doesn’t look pretty, because it just looks really goo-ey, but the best part is grilling those goo-ey things golden brown. My favorite monja is Mentai-mochi-cheese. Mentai(ko) is spicy cod roe.


       남산타워                           東京タワー・東京スカイツリー

Namsan Tower               Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Sky Tree

DSCN9161 DSCN2752

부산                 大阪

 Busan                Osaka


This is the second biggest city of the country. They have their own dialect and take pride in their personality, culture, and history that is different from the capital.

Tourists love their specialty food, that is usually unavailable in other areas. In Busan, that would be Pork Kuk-bab, which is a personal hot pot of sliced pork, noodles, and porridge. In Osaka, that would be Okonomiyaki, which is usually made with cabbage, flour, eggs, and some meat.

They both have a tower that is not as tall as the capital’s tower. 부산타워 (Busan Tower) and 通天閣(Tsuuten-kaku).

제주                 沖縄

        Jeju          Okinawa


This is the southernmost island of the country, and it is considered one of the best places to go on a vacation. Their beautiful nature surrounded by mountains and oceans will soothe your pains and worries away. Both of them have a strong dialect with a unique vocabulary that the city-people wouldn’t be able to understand.

Check out the Japanese version of this blog here.


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    It’s the first artcile I read since I found this blog. Caraisun, you probably know EVERYTHING in both countries.
    PLEASE tell me which bands of KPOP you listen to! PLEASE!


      1. Annyeong!
        Well… actually I love everything. But to be more specific, I love EXO, BTS, BigBang and a HUNDRED others. Oh, and I ADORE Gdragon as well. Kpop is just so daebuk!


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