Listen and Touch- Grasshopper Game

Language Skill: Listening
Number of Students: Whole class/pairs
Activity Time: 10-15 minutes


  • A game board for each pair: The game board is a collage of pictures that each correspond to a keyword.
  • A word list for the teacher.
In this lesson, students were studying these key expressions: “Where do you live?” “I live in Seoul.” “What’s your phone number?” Students asked questions to the teacher and listened for the teacher’s answer.

Goal of the game:

  • Students listen to the teacher and touch the corresponding picture faster than their partner.


  • Students must put the game board in the middle.
  • Students should not push each other or the board.
  • Students must touch the pictures with an index finger from one hand.
  • When the teacher says, “Grass,” the students respond with “hopper!” and put their fingers up like antennas on their heads to be in ready position.
  • If students touch a picture at the same time or cannot agree on who was faster, they must do rock-paper-scissors.


  1. Review the keyword and the corresponding pictures with the students.
  2. Go over the rules with the students.
  3. Give one game board to each pair.
  4. Chant “Grass,” “hopper!” and wait until everyone is ready and quiet enough to hear the teacher say the keyword.
  5. Say the keyword (or phrase, or sentence, or antonym, etc.) and the students should try to touch the correct picture as fast as possible.
  6. Whenever a student touches a picture faster, he or she gets a point. Keep track of the points until the final round.
  7. The teacher may switch partners if there is enough time.


  • This game is easy to prepare. Teachers only have to prepare a collage of keyword pictures and print one copy for each pair.
  • If the keywords cannot be expressed by pictures, teachers can make a collage of the keywords and have the students listen to the definition, antonym, other half of the compound noun, etc.


  • The teacher has to speak for the entire activity. (Alternatively, teachers can pre-record the keywords and replay them, or use a computerized voice generator like these.
  • Lower-level students could lose consecutively and become less motivated to play. Teachers should provide some scaffolding by letting those students have a word to picture guide as well.

If chanting “grasshopper” seems too childish for your students, they can simply put their hands on their heads after the teacher rings a bell or blows a whistle.


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