3 English-Speaker Friendly Escape Rooms in Seoul

It’s been four months since I last wrote about escape rooms, and I’ve continued to go to some more. Some people call me pro escaper now 😀

Where can we find English-speaker friendly escape rooms? There are not many places like that in Seoul, but here are some that my friends and I have gone to.



1- The escape room that is the most English-speaker friendly is the Seoul Escape Room.


Locations: Gangnam, Itaewon, and two in Hongdae. Map

Online Reservation: English and Korean.

Staff: There is always a staff fluent in English and Korean.

Puzzles: English and Numbers. All stories given in Korean and English.

Hints: Maximum 3. English or Korean given through the TV screen.

Rooms: Different rooms at each location. They have a total of 11 rooms. Most rooms are 60 minutes long, and two of them are 75 minutes long.


Number of Participants: Usually 2-5. 2-6 for 75 minute rooms and up to 10 for the room in Itaewon.

At the end: If you successfully escape, one staff comes to the door to greet you. If you fail, one staff comes inside the room to explain. No matter if you succeed or fail, you get to decorate a whiteboard and you can use your phone to take a picture.

Payment: Pay first at the counter before starting the game. 18,000~24,000 KRW per person per room (depending on the number of people in your group). 1,000 KRW discount for cash payment. 1,000 KRW discount for sharing your previous escape photo on social media.


2- My second choice is xit in Gangnam. Although their staff is not fluent in English, their website is in both English and Korean, and their puzzles are pretty straight forward, and requires no Korean.

UPDATE: Location is now closed. 


Location: 5-10 minute walk from Gangnam station exit 11 or Sinnonhyeon station exit 4/5. Map

Online Reservation: English and Korean.

Staff: Most of the staff are not confident in English.

Puzzles: English and Numbers.

Hints: One of the staffs come inside the room to explain every time, so there are less miscommunications.

Rooms: There are four rooms. 60 minutes each.

Number of Participants: 2-4 people or 2-6 people depending on the room.

Rewards: If you successfully escape, all the staff there will greet you with a big applause. You get a polaroid picture for each person. For the picture, you can use some props in the room.

Payment: Pay later. 18,000 KRW to 20,000 KRW per person depending on the number of people in the group.


3- My third choice would be Key Escape in Myeongdong. They have three different locations, but their Myeongdong location is the only one that has English, and some of their rooms don’t have English translations.


Locations: 1 minute walk from Myeongdong station exit 6. (Hyehwa and Busan has no English) Map

Online Reservation: Korean. Just remember these words.
예약자=Name of Person Making the Reservation
연락처=Contact Info (Phone number)
인원=Number of People
일반예약=Normal Reservation (only your group)
오픈룸예약=Open Room Reservation (strangers can participate)

Staff: Most of the staff are not confident in English.

Puzzles: English and Numbers. No puzzles requiring the Korean language.

Hints: You have to use the phone for hints, so if the staff can’t speak English well, there could be some miscommunications. Maximum 4 if you want to be on the ranking board.

Rooms: The six rooms that have English translations are “Room 2. Mad House,” “Room 3. Doors,” “Room 4. Murder (Sherlock Holmes),” “Room 6. White,” “Room 7. Stalker,” and “Room 8. Black Pearl.”

*At this escape room location, participants are always required to wear the provided slippers. 

Number of Participants: 2-4 people is the recommended group size, but the minimum is 1 person and the maximum is 5 or 6 depending on the room.

At the end: If you successfully escape, there would be one staff waiting for you outside the door. Then you get a free juice, decorate a blackboard, take a picture, get one polaroid for the group, and get digital copies of the pictures through KakaoTalk.

Payment: Pay first at the counter. 16,000 KRW to 34,000 KRW depending on the number of people. 1,000 KRW discount by paying in cash.

Hope you enjoy your escape room experience!

And let me know if you find more English-speaker friendly escape rooms in Seoul. 😉

Watch Conan fool around in an escape room on youtube… my escaper friends and I would never do things his way haha

May 2019 UPDATE

Code Escape Garosugil

Website / Naver Place / Google Maps

When I visited in May 2019, they had 3 rooms out of 4 available in English! The staff didn’t seem to be fluent in English, so you might struggle if you can’t ask for hints in Korean. The rooms that I did were well-decorated and had a good balance of both locks and sensors. Bonus points for clean bathrooms!


3 thoughts on “3 English-Speaker Friendly Escape Rooms in Seoul”

  1. Have called this place. This is a false advertisement. Whoever spoke on the phone said, they can’t guarantee English translation.


    1. As I have already mentioned in the post, the staff at Key Escape are not capable of giving hints in English, and not all the rooms have English translations. If you want English, you have to look for “영문병행표기.”

      For Seoul Escape Room, there is always a staff that is fluent in English and all the puzzles are in both Korean and English.


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