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Welcome to my blog “Canak-Knock! Who’s There?

My name is canaderuraee and I am a Japanese American girl born and raised in California and now living in Korea. I call myself a foodie, traveler, escaper, and teacher.

In August 2013, I started working as an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea. I only intended on staying for a year, but I fell in love with the food, the language, the culture, and the people… and here I am after six years. I have improved a lot on my Korean language skills, have developed a passion for my teaching career, and am learning new things everyday with my Korean husband.

Most of my blog posts are about food. As you can see from my Instagram feed, I love eating, cooking, and taking pictures of food. Every now and then, I also blog about traveling, escape rooms, teaching, and life in Korea.

Through this blog, I hope I can spread the love for food, new places, and languages in Korea and around the world.

Thank you for visiting my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚


20 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Good luck over there!

    I’m Chinese American, grew up in the Bay Area, and have been involved in Asian American Cinema down in Los Angeles. Planning to screen my short film about a JA Pioneer out in Japan in May, thinking about stopping by Korea to visit some friends, and possibly screen there as well.

    Wondering if there is a big Asian American ex-pat community out there?

    Anyway, it’d be great to be in touch.



    1. Thank you! I’m not sure if there’s a community that is specifically for Asian Americans in Japan and Korea, but I do have Asian American friends in both countries.

      Good luck with your short film.


  2. Thanks!

    I discovered the US-Korea Consulate hosts screenings monthly.

    Happy Lunar New Year!

    Have you used any language learning programs that have helped you with your fluency?



    1. Happy Lunar New Year.
      I’ve met Korean friends at a language exchange cafe, and since then, I’ve been meeting each of them once a week for a two hour session of teaching each other English and Korean. Other than that, I just review my grammar book, and try to use the translator to write sentences. Are you learning a language right now?


  3. Right now I’m practicing Japanese with Pimsleur since I’ll be in Japan for about two week at the beginning of May. I’ll be in areas where English is less common, so hopefully be able to work through those language lessons before hand.

    Other than that, I suppose I have a long term goal to learn Mandarin ๐Ÿ™‚

    btw feel free to email me, I believe my email is linked to this post.


  4. Greetings from Seoul.
    I am the owner of the Bob, Seoul.
    Thank you so much for your recommendation.
    I am very glad to see an Enlglish comment about my restaurant.

    Looking forward to meeting you at the Bob soon.



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      1. You are not kidding, ain’t you? I am working for a company, so I work at my restaurants on weekends only. Are you in Korea? Actually I got your post about my restaurant from a friend of mine in Singapore and I googled your posts and some other posts about my restaurant. But yours are the best I’ve ever seen so I was wondering if I could print out them and put them on the wall of my restaurant for foreigners.

        Let me know.

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  5. Hello, would you tell me your e-mail so that I could ask more about teaching in another country and how it is living in another country? I’m very interested now, thanks to your lovely posts ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Hi! Your blogs are always very interesting and wonderful! I was wondering if you did anything fun and special during Christmas and New Years? I wish you could share that too!

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  7. Hello!
    I’m Asma and I’m Indian, though I’m a huge fan of the East, especially Japan and Korea. Could you please post an article on places to go in Japan and Korea, because the first thing on my bucket list is to travel there. I was first introduced to your blog when I searched up for similar places in Tokyo and Seoul, and sure enough your webpage provided it all! I really love your articles, their very detailed and interesting. Please do tell me more about rituals and traditions of Japan and Korea, and give me as much as information about Japanese people’s thinking, and their slang language as well. I’m currently writing a book titled ‘Yuko’. The story is about a British/ Japanese girl who goes to Japan, and shares her adventures there. She meets new people, new food and visits new places. That is why I need all the help I can for it. You are permanently living in California, right? Whenever I will come and visit Korea or Japan, I’ll ask you if you are in either of the two countries so that we can meet. I’m just 13 years old, but since I was little, I was in love with the East.
    Do keep updating now and then. I am frequent follower and reader of your blog.
    Arigato and Gamsambnida for the articles ^-^
    P.S. I started learning Japanese online! Oh and also, I read that you listen to Kpop? I listen to Kpop as well Who do you listen to?
    It would be much awesome if we talked personally through mail too.


    1. Thank you for your comment! I’ve been busy with work lately so I haven’t been able to update as often, but I will share a new post as soon as I find something interesting in Japan and Korea ^^ Hope those posts help with your writing and language learning!


      1. Hi there!
        It’s Asma again. Thanks for replying fast, I didn’t expect it.
        You started working? As a teacher? Tell me more on your experience as a Korean/Japanese teacher who teaches English. I think that’s VERY cool! I also wanted to compliment your Profile picture. It’s very Kawaii!
        Thank you Noona Caraisun ^ ^


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