5 Places to Visit in Boryeong, South Korea

Until recently, the only thing I knew about Boryeong was that it had the mud festival every year. But when I was scrolling through Instagram, I saw a post similar to this:

What is this huge milk carton building?! And they have fresh soft-serve ice cream? And so my search for Boryeong places to visit began, so I can justify taking the long drive to this milk storehouse.

1. Milk Storehouse (우유창고, 牛乳倉庫)

Website/Instagram/Naver Place

This milk warehouse is in the middle of the countryside, so the big milk carton stands out on the side of the street. The parking lot was able to fit about 20 cars, but many cars also just parked on the side of the street. When we got there on Sunday at around 2 pm, there was a big crowd and it was very loud inside the cafe because of the echoes. Thankfully, there was a quiet outdoor area next to the trees so we sat there. I enjoyed seeing the cute farmer characters there, but the soft-serve ice cream was not as thick and creamy as I hoped.

2. Cheongso Station (청소역, 青所駅)

Instagram/Naver Place

Cheongso Station started operating in 1929. 🚂 This brick building was built in 1961 and it became a National Registered Cultural Heritage in 2006. Currently the Mugunghwa train stops here 8 times a day, but you cannot buy train tickets at this station.

I wanted to visit this old brick station because of the cute Instagram photos. Apparently some visitors went their on a taxi, and the taxi drivers offered to take a picture of them with some mops because Cheongso is also the word for cleaning in Korean! When I went there, they had a small parking lot with maybe 6 spots in front of the exit, and there was just 2 other families there at Sunday 3 pm. There were also some signs mentioning the Korean movie A Taxi Driver. Maybe part of it was filmed there?

3. Zip Trek Korea (짚트렉코리아)

Website/Instagram/Naver Place

This zip-lining place was on my list, but I ended up not going because my Korean husband said it only reminded him of his mandatory military service. 😂 Maybe I will go there with my friends next time!

4. Jukdo Sanghwawon (죽도 상화원, 竹島 尚和園)

Website/Instagram/Naver Place

This small island off the coast has a nice trekking course. I thought it would be the perfect place for a person who needs to exercise, but hates walking on the treadmill at the gym because you walk so much and reach nowhere. The Korean hanok buildings are so pretty!

5. Gaehwa Park (개화예술공원, 開花芸術公園)

Website/Instagram/Naver Place

When I found this place I thought, “flower cafe on a larger scale.” It’s also in the middle of nowhere, but it would be such a nice place to stop and relax after along drive!

In the end, I only got to go to 2 of the places on my list this time, but also got to visit a huge rest area called the Haengdam Island Service Area. They have an outlet mall and a service area on this small island! But because of the roads narrowing to the bridge to this island, there was a lot of traffic getting to this part… 😞🚗


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