Lunch Omakase Sushi at Sushi Sanwon Chung, Yeoksam, Seoul, South Korea

My friends and I have recently found a new expensive hobby. Trying omakase sushi lunches at different sushi bars. Omakase means that everything is up to the chef. They usually choose ingredients that are best during that season and day, and serve each dish like a course meal. Because they take such care in each piece of food they serve, every bite tastes like a well-calculated flavor bomb bursting in my mouth.

omakase sushi

So far I have had one omakase sushi lunch in Tokyo, and two in Seoul and I loved my experience in all three of them, but this time I will introduce Sushi Sanwon Chung near Yeoksam Station. I have already recommended it to my friends for their birthdays and anniversaries and all of them have loved their experience there.

Sushi Sanwon Chung (스시산원 청)

Naver Place

Reservations must be made by phone. 02-538-5550

Hours- 12:00 to 22:00 (Closed Sundays)
Lunch Start Times- 12:00 or 13:30

*I do not know the dinner start times, but when you make a reservation, you would probably be asked to choose. Omakase meals at Sushi Sanwon Chung are usually 90 minutes-long.


Google Maps

From exit 3 of Line 2 Yeoksam station, walk straight and turn left at IBK Bank. The Prugio City apartment building will show up on the corner of the second street on your left.

Take the stairs to the second floor and turn left when you see a hair salon. Wait outside until they open the door at the designated time.

Chung means blue as you can see from the Chinese character.


There are 12 seats at the counter.

the set-up


They only have two menus.

Lunch omakase is 50,000 KRW and dinner omakase is 80,000 KRW. This is a more affordable price compared to other omakase sushi meals.

My First Experience (November 2018)

It was such an exciting and busy meal, that I could not take a picture of every piece of sushi nor could I keep track of every name of the sushi… but here’s a list of things that I did write down.

  • 茶碗蒸し Savory steamed egg custard
  • 鰆(サワラ)Spanish mackerel
  • 帆立貝のウニクリーム乗せ Scallops with uni and cream
  • ヒラメ Flounder 광어
  • 真鯛 Red sea bream 도미
  • シマアジ Striped horse mackerel (Yellow jack?)
  • マグロの赤身漬けMarinated tuna 참치등살
  • 甘エビ ウニ Deep-water shrimp with sea urchin *didn’t want to swallow it because it tasted so good, and requested it again at the end of the meal.
  • 中トロ 炙りSeared medium-fatty tuna *It was a flavor journey.
  • はちびき (Could not find an English translation) 선홍치
  • ホッキ貝 Sakhalin surf clam
  • 鰤(ぶり) Amberjack 방어
  • 鰊(にしん)漬け Marinated herring
  • しめ鯖の押し寿司 Cured Mackerel Pressed Sushi 고등어
  • Encore: 甘エビ ウニ Deep-water shrimp with sea urchin
  • あなご Conger Eel 바다장어
  • Dessert

At the end of the meal before the dessert, the chef asked us for an encore piece. We got a chance to choose our favorite piece and get a second one! All six customers at the counter ordered the same thing: the deep-water shrimp with sea urchin. It tasted so sweet and rich… that was everyone’s number one of that day’s omakase.

My Second Experience (March 2019)

I decided to go back for a second time to celebrate my birthday with my family. They all liked the flounder and fatty-tuna, and although I loved both as well, my favorites were the conger eel, mackerel, and egg cake.

  • 茶碗蒸し Savory steamed egg custard with truffle oil
  • マハタ True Bass 능성어
  • 真鯛 Red sea bream 도미
  • ヒラメ Flounder 광어
  • イカ Squid 오징어
  • 帆立貝のウニクリーム乗せ Scallops with uni and cream
  • 甘エビ Deep-water shrimp 새우
  • ウニの握りSea urchin Nigiri 성게알
  • マグロ Tuna 참치등살
  • 大トロ炙り Seared fatty tuna 참치뱃살
  • しめ鯖の押し寿司 Cured Mackerel Pressed Sushi 고등어
  • Encore: 甘エビ ウニ Deep-water shrimp with sea urchin
  • あなご Conger Eel 바다장어
  • そうめん Cold Noodles 소면
  • Encore: しめ鯖の押し寿司 Cured Mackerel Pressed Sushi 고등어
  • Encore: 大トロ炙り Seared fatty tuna 참치뱃살
  • 抹茶アイスとあずき Green tea ice cream with red beans 녹차아이스크림과 팥
  • 玉子 Egg Cake (Eggs, yam, shrimp) 계란 구이 (계란, 마, 새우)

After my second visit, I realized that we could get multiple encore pieces and although it is the same sushi restaurant, the taste could be slightly different according to the chef you have. That’s probably why the chefs give us a business card, so we can ask for that specific chef on our next visit. I wish I asked for the business card of the chef from my first visit as well.

Sushi Sanwon currently has 3 different locations and Sushi Sanwon Chung is their second location. Their first location is near Seoullung Station, and their third and most recent location is between Gwanghwamun Station and Gyeongbokgung Station. Maybe I’ll visit the other two locations as well!


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