Cafe Ohwoah: Sadang, Seoul, South Korea

During my 2-month detox, I was deprived of wheat and sugar so cake was one of the things I was looking forward to as a reward. Out of the long list of cafes that I wanted to go to, I decided to go to Cafe Oh Woah (카페 오우아) for their beautiful strawberry cake.


Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

Open 7 days a week
-방배동 474-7

5 minute walk from Line 4 Sadang Station exit 13 or 14.


*For eat-ins, all guests must order at least one menu.
*No outside food or drinks allowed.

  • Coffee (3,800~5,500 KRW)
  • Oh Woah Cream Special (5,500~6,500 KRW)
  • Tea/Ade (4,500~6,000 KRW)
  • French toast with seasonal fruits
  • Madeleines
  • Cannele
  • Brownies
  • Sliced Cakes

I got two slices of cakes to-go because I unexpectedly had cake at another cafe that day. It worked out well because when I got there on a Saturday at 4 pm, the seats were already filled and the cafe was too noisy with everyone talking.

딸기녹차 (Strawberry Green Tea) 7,500₩

This cake was the whole reason why I decided to visit this cafe. It’s so pretty with the strawberry jell-o on top! The white and green part was a smooth cheese cake, and the biscuit base on the bottom was perfect. I loved how it was not too sweet. The jell-o part tasted bland after the sweet cheese cake, but after a sip of black tea it was slightly sweet. It’s a simple and refreshing slice of cake.

쑥스러운 단호박 (Mugwort Pumpkin) 7,000₩

It’s cute how the name of this cake is a play on words. 쑥 is mugwort in English and 쑥스럽다 means shy or embarrassed. It’s called the Shy Pumpkin, but it’s also 쑥 because it is topped with sweet and herby mugwort powder. 쑥(よもぎ) is commonly used in Japanese traditional desserts and Korean rice cakes to bring out a dark green color.

I didn’t expect much from the pictures I saw in blogs, but I am so glad that I ordered it. Now I know that mugworts go well with western desserts as well! This moist and fluffy cake had actual slices of sweet kabocha squash in the middle, and the taste of each ingredient was blended well and not overpowering each other in any way.

This cafe is definitely worth another visit when I go to Sadang Station! I’ll be following their Instagram to see which seasonal fruit they’ll be using in their next dessert.


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