How to Make Halloween Rings out of Pipe Cleaners

In this year’s Halloween lesson, I decided to make some spider rings and jack-o-lantern rings with the students. I got the idea from these finger puppets, but I didn’t want to use a hot glue gun with a class of thirty students, so I decided to make something that didn’t require that.



-Pipe cleaners-
35 cm of black
20 cm of purple
30 cm of orange
13 cm of green

Eye stickers


How to make it:

Wrap the purple pipe cleaner on your finger.
Make the size a little bit bigger than your
actual size and twist it securely.


Next, get the black pipe cleaner and
make four loops of the same size. IMG_4834

Make sure you twist it tightly every time so it won’t fall apart. IMG_4835

Next, combine the two pipe cleaners. IMG_4836

Wrap the purple pipe cleaner vertically around the black one twice. IMG_4837

Wrap it horizontally as well to make the spider head.
It will eventually look like a flower. IMG_4838

Cut the black loops in half. These are the spider legs.

Cutting these are dangerous for younger children.
IMG_4839 IMG_4841


Add some googly eyes and your cute spider ring is complete.

IMG_4843 IMG_4844

The pumpkin one is safer for young children.

The only difficult part is making the pumpkin nice and round.

Twist the green pipe cleaner to your ring size.

Fold the top for the stem.

Take the orange pipe cleaner and wrap it around the green one.

Squeezing may help with adjusting the shape.

You can draw your own jack-o-lantern face with a pen, glue some cut out felt sheets, or add some googly eyes to finish.


Hope you enjoy making this Halloween ring!


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