My Detox Journey with Traditional Korean Medicine: Phase 3

For phase 3, I was supposed to replace all 3 meals with the traditional Korean medicine. And while I still let myself munch on some healthier bites here and there, and have a healthy meal when I wanted to, I noticed some changes in my body and feelings.


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Changes in my body and feelings

<1> Weight loss: I lost about 3 to 4 kilograms. My jawline got sharper, and when I looked at my body in the mirror, I noticed that more of my ribs were visible. I did not want to lose anymore weight, but people complimented on how I lost fat.


<2> Reduced appetite: When I let myself eat normal food, I noticed that I got full and satisfied with less food. I was eating far less carbs like rice, rarely had bread, and never had pasta.

eating for energy

<3> Smoother skin: My skin also felt more pale and smoother. Perhaps this is a sign of bad things getting removed from my body.

smooth skin

<4> Sensitive taste buds: Anything that I ate tasted amazing because my taste buds were delighted to taste something other than the Korean medicine. It felt like my sense of smell and taste improved.

smell and taste

<5> People around me buying me nuts: I started carrying nuts everywhere I went because it was a convenient snack that was allowed by the doctor. My mom and aunt, who would usually buy me other food and snacks, got me huge packs of mixed nuts to support me. I rarely ate nuts before, but now I love eating roasted almonds, walnuts, cashews, and macadamia nuts.

mixed nuts

<6> Too many visits to the bathroom: My stool sometimes got hard and sticky… That might have been the days when I had too many nuts? And although I was barely eating anything other than the Korean medicine, I still had a lot of stuff to poop out every day.


<7> A sense that my body was rejecting sugar: A piece of fruit every now and then did not affect my body. But one time when I was out in the cold for a while, I ordered a hot strawberry honey milk tea. I enjoyed half a cup, but immediately stopped because it felt like my heart was pumping faster and my body didn’t want it.

heart thumping faster

<8> A feeling of dependency on the Korean medicine: Because I was on vacation, there were a few days when I ran out of the replacement meals. When I came back and got my replacement meals again, I felt relieved. Now that it has been a month, I have gained trust and faith for the traditional Korean medicine, and believed that those replacement meals were the best meal options for the current state of my body. It was also easy because I did not have to worry about getting all the nutrients from normal food. I couldn’t abruptly go back to eating normal food.

my replacement meals
Eating these replacement meal shakes became so easy!

Second Month of Detox

When I first started this detox, I could not imagine doing this for over a month, but now it feels natural. I want to do the second month of detox. In the following month, I will slowly reduce the amount of replacement meals that I take. For the first 10 days, I will have 3 replacement meals per day. And in the next 10 days, I will have 2 replacement meals per day, so I can enjoy 1 normal meal per day. And finally, in the last 5 days, I will have 1 replacement meal per day.

excited for food

I am actually excited for what I will accomplish because I love committing and working towards a goal. I am already planning celebratory meals after each phase. After the first ten days, I will be having an oyster party with some friends, and after all of this is over, I will treat myself to some omakase sushi and a strawberry buffet.


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