Eating Habits

The way you eat defines a significant part of who you are. Do you have any dislikes? Do you have the best bite first? Or save it for last? How fast do you eat? Do you skip breakfast? Do you stop yourself from eating too much? Which culture’s table manners do you follow? Which utensil is your favorite? Which country’s chopsticks are easier for you to use?


I’m curious about how others eat, so I’ll first give an example of how I eat the school food at an elementary school in Seoul.


My habits

  1. Start with the soup. It warms up my stomach and helps me calm down my appetite.
  2. Try to eat vegetables before proteins. Because fiber helps me digest.
  3. Eat each side dish at an equal rate. That’s what my mother taught me to do. I don’t know why.Anime-cake-cute-dessert-japan-gif
  4. Save the best bite for last. The one that goes well with the rice.
  5. If there is dessert, that will be my refreshment at the end. That is separate from my savory meal. Sweet drinks count toward dessert.fc2dbf64f1fda0_full
  6. Don’t leave any leftovers. This is a good thing and a bad thing. If I have too much on my plate, I overeat.output_JWjDLi
  7. Drink at least a cup of water or tea at the end of the meal. I don’t drink water during the meal unless the food is extremely spicy.p33

Rules that I fail to follow (especially when I eat by myself)

  1. Eat slowly. With elegance.giphy
  2. Take small bites. This helps with number 3.luffy-eating-o
  3. Chew more. Help your body digest food!Eating
  4. Put your utensil down and breathe.tumblr_m9cdxjjQ5d1r4qtr7o1_500
  5. Remind yourself that it takes at least 15 minutes for your stomach to feel full.
  6. Eat no more than one snack per day. This fails especially during the winter. I just eat more when it’s cold…cookie-monster-eating-cookies-o



So what are some of your eating habits? Do you think when you eat?
Maybe most people don’t think about it as much as I do.


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