Four Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Here are some things that you should do when you go to these places that will take you away from the busy city life.

***Before you travel in Hong Kong, download an MTR app to navigate yourself through the subway system.

Victoria Peak

  • Take Bus 15 from Central Station exit A, Pier 5. Double-decker bus with some thrilling views for people with a fear of heights!IMG_3277_Fotor_Collage
  • Fight over the best spot with other tourists to take pictures with the day view of the Hong Kong landscape.IMG_3288
  • Get dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant. Suffer from having to choose only one dish from a menu that covers a wide variety of Asian meat, noodle, pasta, soup, curry, and rice dishes.IMG_3300_Fotor_Collage
  • Go on a casual walk in the eerie, quiet darkness. It’s in a flat loop, so you won’t get lost.IMG_3335
  • Your walk will get rewarded with a beautiful night view of Hong Kong. I definitely recommend the night time more than the day time.IMG_3318
  • Wait in line for an hour to get on the Peak Tram. It’s more fast and steep than you think.IMG_3349_Fotor_Collage

Ngong Ping 360

  • Take the subway to go to Tung Chung Station. Follow the signs to go to the Ngong Ping 360 on a cable car.
  • Tip: Go early! I got there at 10 am and there was no line. But when I was leaving at 12pm, there was an enormous line.
  • Be prepared: The cable car ride is 25 minutes. Go to the restroom beforehand and enjoy your view! People will take a bunch of selfies in there.IMG_3382_Fotor_Collage
  • Buy a snack along your way to the Giant Buddha.
    I got some green milk tea with tapioca!
  • Climb 250 steps to meet the Giant Buddha up close.
  • Admire some other statues and the view from the top.IMG_3410_Fotor_CollageIMG_3446
  • Stop by Po Lin Monastery. Admire the artifacts. Enjoy some vegetarian snacks.
  • Take advantage of the free wi-fi at Seven-Eleven and Starbucks

Wong Tai Sin Temple

  • Take the subway to go to Wong Tai Sin Station. Exit B2. Make a right, go up a slight slope, and it will be on your left.
  • Take a picture with your Chinese Zodiac statue.
  • Admire the lanterns.IMG_3551_Fotor_Collage
  • Challenge yourself to do some fortune telling.
    This one is not as easy as the other ones I know from Japan and Korea.

    • Step 1: Grab a cup full of bamboo sticks.
    • Step 2: Face the temple and stand on your knees on the cushion.
    • Step 3: Shake the cup full of bamboo sticks until only one pops out. Make sure to have a question in mind while you shake it. Seems like if you’re too shake it too steadily, it won’t work. It took me forever to figure that out.
    • Step 4: Remember the number on your bamboo stick.
    • Step 5: Go to the fortune tellers’ alley and choose one fortune teller to give you a fortune (I’m not sure if any of the fortune tellers speak English…) *This part is not free. 60 HKD for a simple fortune telling & an extra 100 HKD for face reading.IMG_3564_Fotor_Collage
  • Take a bunch of beautiful pictures.IMG_3571

Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden

  • Take the subway to go to Diamond Hill Station. Exit C2. Follow the signs and you’ll get there within five minutes.
  • Diamond Hill Station is one stop away from Wong Tai Sin Station, so I recommend going to these two on the same day.
  • Start on your left side to see the Chi Lin Nunnery. It is a quiet, beautiful place.
  • Admire the beautiful statue inside the temple.
  • Water a small statue by pressing on a button and donate some money. The guide instructed me to press three times.
  • Cross the bridge to go to the other side and admire the Nan Lian Garden. There are many beautiful buildings surrounding a pond. They had a stone gallery, bonsai garden, souvenir shop, cafe, and restaurant.IMG_3664_Fotor_Collage
  • If it’s the rainy season and you’re wearing shorts, the mosquitoes will love you.
  • The background music made the atmosphere more serene.

So these were some quiet and beautiful places that I was able to visit during my short stay. What did I miss? Please recommend me some more places if you know any, so I can go there next time ^^


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