Registering for the Praxis Test in Dongdaemoon, Seoul

After teaching in Korea for almost 6 years, I was ready for some change. I wanted to stay in the teaching field, but I wanted more responsibilities and autonomy as a teacher rather than being an assistant teacher all the time.

To get an American teaching license, I have been taking online courses through the Teach-Now Program. This was the most convenient option for me because I wanted to get licensed while living and working in Korea. So far I have been quite satisfied with the quality of the coursework, instructors, and the overall program.

In addition to the online courses, I need to take some Praxis exams to get a license as a Washington D.C. elementary school teacher. I made an account on the ETS Praxis website and registered for three tests that I needed to become an elementary school teacher and one test that I wanted to take in case I wanted to become an ESL teacher in the US.

These are the tests that I will be taking:

  1. Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing (5722)
  2. Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): Grade K-6 (5622)
  3. Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5001, 5002, 5003, 5004, 5005)
  4. English to Speakers of Other Languages (5362)

*I do not have to take the Reading and Math portion of the Core Academic Skills for Educators test because I can register my high school SAT scores for that requirement. Never knew those old SAT scores could come in handy!

The closest testing center for me was the Dongdaemoon-Seoul Test Center (Prometric Test Center). When I tried to choose the date and time of my exams, I realized that the only available times were on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm. That made my choice easier because I had to choose a day when I did not have work on a weekday.

Because three of the tests are 2.5 hours long and one test is 5 hours long, I spread out my tests to different dates.

One day in June
9:00-11:30 Core Writing
13:00-15:30 PLT K-6

One day in August
15:30-18:00 ESOL

Another day in August
9:00-14:00 Elementary Education

The total came up to over 500 USD, and I paid it with my American credit card… it’s so expensive to become a licensed educator!!

Make it rain… not….

5 thoughts on “Registering for the Praxis Test in Dongdaemoon, Seoul”

  1. Hello,
    I am going to start teach now program in Nov, and after reading your post, I am wondering if I am qualify to be exampt from taking the Praxis Core Math. What score must you have to be exampt? And where did you retrieve your SAT score from?

    Thank you in advance!


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