12 Signs that you’ve been in Seoul for about two years

About  a year ago, I made a post called 9 signs that you’ve been in Seoul for about a year. Maybe now is a good time to compare life as a waygookin then and now.

1. You sometimes say “wae” instead of “why.”
Because it sounds so similar.

www1 www2 www3

2. You have a few Korean friends that you call oppa/eonni/hyung/noona. But why are so many guys obsessed about getting called oppa and some girls love getting called noona?? I still don’t really get it…



3. You’ve seen one or more of your favorite stores suddenly close down. Stores just go out of business without any notice… and a new one gets built within two weeks!


4. You’ve seen a Korean celebrity at a concert or on the streets. I saw JYJ and IU at a concert and Noh Hongchul on the street! He was probably filming for “Infinite Challenge” but he had that drunk driving scandal after I saw him…


5. You’ve taken the KTX. It’s so much more comfortable compared to traveling on the bus.


6. You tried all the new soju flavors. Citron and grapefruit are pretty good, but blueberry tasted like medicine. I wish they would come up with a peach flavored one!! *August 2015 Update: The peach soju is now my second favorite!


7. You’ve also tried various makgeolli flavors. Apple, blueberry, peach, honey, smoothies, etc. The ones in the picture are from a restaurant in Garosu-gil.


8. You’ve ordered chicken and beer along the Han River. Bicycles and motorbikes can come to exactly where you’re sitting in the park next to the river! Give them the approximate location when you order, and they’ll give you a phone call when you arrive. When I was at Banpo Hangang Park, I just told them that I’m sitting on a bench where I can see the CNN Cafe.


9. You’ve been to a Korean wedding. They’re fast! Like how everything is fast in Korea~ customer service, food delivery, internet connection, etc. 빨리 빨리~


10. You know some Korean words that can’t be directly translated to English. My Korean friends ask me what that Korean word is in English… and I say “I know what you mean… but there’s no exact translation for that in English…” These words are usually easier to explain in Japanese or Chinese.


11. You start to forget the simplest English words. Do I need to use the dictionary to remember this…?


12. You don’t go clubbing as much as you used to. Because most of the time it’s better to just sit at home watching some movies…


What else do you get adapted to when you live in Seoul for almost two years?


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