9 Signs that you’ve been in Seoul for about a year 

If you answer YES to most of these statements,
you are a super way-gook-in!


1. You crave kimchi

I feel like I forgot to do something today… Oh I forgot to eat kimchi.


2. You stop doubting the “Rock-Scissor-Paper”

Many of my friends forgot that it was “Rock-Paper-Scissors” back home because Koreans say it in a different order.


3. You’ve already been to a dog cafe or cat cafe

Foreigners go there often because they miss their pets from back home. It is pretty easy to find one if you’re in Seoul.

IMG_0958 IMG_0046_2

4. You’re not afraid to show off your foreigner-accent-Korean 

At the beginning you were embarrassed or afraid that they wouldn’t understand, so you just mumbled. Now you can yell “저기요! 이거 하나 주세요! (Excuse me! Please give me one of this!)” at any restaurant.


5. You feel the strong urge to have chicken with beer

When you’re with your friends and have no idea about what you want to eat, your solution is 치맥 (chicken and beer). What can go wrong with that? Unless you’re a vegetarian and you don’t drink…


6. You can point out clubs that let foreigners in for free

Why do some clubs let foreigners in for free? I don’t know… does it make the club atmosphere seem more aesthetic or something??


7. You can guess how long your journey is by looking at the Seoul subway map

When you first came to Seoul, you were always a few minutes late because you forgot to include walking, waiting, and transferring.


8. You’ve been to a Korean language class

There are many free or cheap ones available throughout Seoul.


9. You’ve been on a date with a Korean guy/girl

Maybe it was an awkward date because they didn’t know much English, and you didn’t know much Korean.


I’m sure there are more habits that we’ve acquired as a waygookin in Seoul. Anything that you can think of?


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