Have you tried all of the fruit-flavored sojus?

After the whole sold-out citron-flavored soju craze, soju companies all over Korea has been coming up with new fruit-flavored sojus. Recently I’ve heard from my friends that there was also a ginger flavor and apple flavor but I couldn’t find it in restaurants or grocery stores in Seoul… I did a little research in found out why!!

Those new flavors were from a soju company from Uiseong, which is a three hour drive down southeast from Seoul. I’m hoping that they’ll start to sell it in more locations in Seoul, so I can try a sip.. or two… or more! haha

Here are the new fruit-flavored sojus that I’ve discovered online
and some which I have tried 🙂


순하리 처음처럼 (Sunhari Cheoum Cheoreom)


Citron & Peach


I’m not exactly sure, but I believe this is the one that started the flavored-soju craze. Koreans were racing to restaurants and shops to try this new citron flavor. After drinking a few of the different flavors, this is still one of my most favorite. Their new peach flavor is pretty good too! Reminds me of the 2% peach water. This brand is easily found in Seoul.

좋은데이컬러시리즈 (Joeun day color series)


Citron(yellow), Blueberry(blue), Pomegranate(red),
Peach (pink), and Grapefruit (scarlet)


I’ve had the blueberry and pomegranate but I’m not a fan of them. They taste like cough medicine to me.
This is another popular brand available in Seoul.

상콤달콤순한charm (Sangkom dalkom Sunhan charm)


Citron, Grapefruit, Blueberry, and Grape


I’ve had the grape one and enjoyed it well!
It reminds me of all kinds of white grape candies and juice.
I haven’t seen many of these in Seoul yet,
but my friend found it somewhere.  IMG_3162

It had a cute bottle cap.

자몽에 이술 (Jamong-eh-isul)

Seoul (JINRO)



This is probably my most favorite for now.
Available in many restaurants and convenient stores in Seoul.

C1 Blue 


Rose and Grapefruit


I have never seen these in Seoul yet!
I wonder how rose would taste.

the 찾을수록 (the Chajeulsurok)


Mandarin Orange, Apple, and Ginger


All these flavors are unique!
But I have never seen them in Seoul yet.
I hope I get to try them out soon.

Citron and Grapefruit, which are the top flavors in my opinion, are both produced by at least three different companies!

Do you know anymore flavored sojus? Let me know 🙂

If you’re more curious about regional soju companies, here’s an article that provided a soju map of Korea.


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