Charlotte Pink Crystal- Korea’s First Ruby Cacao Chocolate

The chocolate I got as a souvenir

Recently, my mom gave me some ruby chocolate as a souvenir from the U.S. and was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t know this was a new trend in the chocolate industry!

What is Ruby Chocolate?

For those of you who don’t know, ruby chocolate is made from a naturally pink cacao bean, and it is said to be the fourth type of chocolate after dark, milk, and white.

Ruby Chocolate in Korea

When I looked for ruby chocolates online on Naver, there were only expensive foreign products and their shipping was 10,000 won. But when I dug in further, I learned that Lotte started selling ruby chocolate called Charlotte Pink Crystal in January 2019.

Where do they sell it? None of the convenient stores and supermarkets in my neighborhood sold them! According to a blog, it’s only being sold at Lotte Mart and Lotte Super.

Although both Lotte Mart and Lotte Super was out of my way, I found the closest one and hunted them down!

Go go~!
Found the vanilla version in a Lotte Super!

Lotte: Charlotte Pink Crystal

I wanted the smaller hot pink box, but I was only able to find the Pink Crystal Vanilla. The box came with 10 individually-wrapped chocolates. On the back, it explained about the discovery of the ruby chocolate.

There’s a white layer inside the pink ruby chocolate. I wonder if the other box’s chocolate is the same.

Seems like this seal on the upper-right is a universal logo for all ruby chocolate products.
310 calories if you eat the entire box. So 31 calories for each piece of chocolate.
What are the ingredients? Milk chocolate (Made in Singapore: sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, etc.) Wait… where’s the ruby cacao beans?
Cocoa mass 4.5%, natural flavors (0.37%)

None of the nutrition facts mentioned ruby cacao beans although it had a seal saying that they use them. I still enjoyed the slightly sour berry taste. The one I got from the US said 34% cacao but the nutrition facts looked similar to the one from Korea. I’m not an expert on chocolates or nutrition facts so I don’t quite understand what this could mean.

Will I buy it again? Maybe if I happen to pass by another Lotte Mart or Lotte Super! It’s too inconvenient for me to go there just for some ruby chocolate.


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