What is popular in Seoul? -Winter/Spring 2018-

What’s popular in Seoul these days?

I have not been as up to date with Seoul Trends, but here are some of the things that I have noticed in the past few months.

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Claw games (인형 뽑기방)

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Stores filled with just claw games has been common in Seoul these days.
I always wonder where the store owner is because they are not there.
I’m guessing they just rely on the CCTV and trust that Korean people would not try to break the glass to steal the prize?

Arcades (오락실, FUNNY LAND/퍼니랜드)

Image result for 오락실

In the past few months, there have been many multi-story arcades opening in college towns. Some of these are as big as Japanese arcades (ge-sen, ゲーセン), and have some imported games from Japan.

Small loaves of bread (식빵공방)

Image result for 식빵공방

There are also many stores that sell small loaves of bread in a wide variety of flavors. They usually show a daily schedule of which flavors are freshly available at what time.

Turtle Chips (꼬북칩, Kkobuk Chip)


This snack came out in March 2017 and they come in three flavors: corn soup, shrimp, and sweet cinnamon. Although they are called “chips,” the cinnamon flavor is like a softer and slightly bigger version of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch.Image result for cinnamon toast crunch animated gif

Boiru (보이루, ㅂㅇㄹ) 보겸TV

Image result for 보이루 animated gif

My elementary and middle school students have been greeting me with “Boiru” instead of “Hello” these days. Apparently it’s a popular greeting that a YouTuber uses in his videos.

Flower cafes (꽃카페)


Flower cafes have been around before too, but there seems to be more of them.

VR Cafes (VR카페)

Image result for vr animated gif

There are several VR cafes that are opening in college towns. You can pay by the hour and play as many VR games as you want.

Vending machine doors (자판기문)


There has been more than one vending machine door cafes and restaurants opening in Korea. I went to a dessert cafe, but I also heard that there’s a pizza place with a vending machine door.

TWICE (트와이스)

Image result for twice animated gif

Every song released by TWICE has been popular among the students.
Many girls know the dance to their songs.
There are more idol groups that students love, but I can’t keep up!

CashWalk (캐쉬워크)

Image result for cashwalkWhen I look at my friends’ or students’ phones, many of them have the CashWalk app. It counts the steps you take with your phone everyday and gives a maximum of 100 points per day for 10,000 steps. Those steps can be exchanged for shopping at convenient stores, restaurants, make-up shops and movie tickets. I have noticed that android phones tend to get more steps counted than iPhones even if they take the same amount of steps.

So-hwak-haeng (소확행, 小確幸, small but certain happiness)

The small things that make you happy.

This has been a popular tag on Instagram,

and now it’s a name of a song by Standing Egg.

Any others that you have noticed? Leave some comments below!


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