Cotton Candy Drinks at a Flower Cafe in Hyehwa, Seoul


In Korea, there are many vendors selling huge cotton candies on an everyday basis. From blogs, I’ve seen them on smoothies, cocktails, and sometimes even beer. Today, I finally got to experience one of them… and it was much bigger than I had expected.

Where did I find this?

-In Hyehwa, one of my favorite places to hang out with my friends.

スクリーンショット 2016-05-01 午後10.10.06

-From exit 2 of Hyehwa station, walk straight and take the first left. There are usually some street performers there. When you see the convenient store GS25, make a right. The cafe will appear to your left. It is actually located behind Jazz Story, which is another one of my favorites in Hyehwa.


They are open from 10 am to 11 pm.

Apparently they have flower lessons available as well. IMG_2660

What does the store look like on the inside?

-The cafe is decorated with flowers all over the place.

IMG_2673 IMG_2674

-At night they start using dim lights and candles.IMG_2688

-They also sell flower bouquets. Maybe it’s a good idea to come here on a date to make your significant other buy some flowers for you. IMG_2689IMG_2691

-The restroom was also decorated beautifully.

What’s on the menu?

-All of the menus are in big pictures and in English. 🙂 They have so many unique drinks on the menu, it’s hard to choose just one.

-There is a wide variety of fruity drinks.

IMG_2667-I’ve never had broccoli or celery in my drink… :O  IMG_2661

-They also serve tea.

IMG_2668 IMG_2669

-And Korean shaved ice, bingsu.


-Lattes with soft-served ice cream on top.


-They also serve brunch.


-And some beer.


-And of course, a wide selection of drinks and desserts topped with cotton candy.

IMG_2662 IMG_2665 IMG_2666 IMG_2671

What did we order?

-My friend and I ordered the strawberry banana juice (6,800 KRW), and green grape “Groom Soda” (7,900 KRW).

IMG_2676-The strawberry banana juice was one third ice and was topped with a piece of a banana.


-The green grape juice had grape skins at the bottom, and was topped with a head-sized cotton candy and a rainbow marshmallow.


-The cup is more like a jar. Bigger than what it looks like in the picture.


-I recommend eating the cotton candy first, and then enjoying the drink! The cotton candy is delicious, but it makes the sweet drink taste bland right after it.


Enjoy rolling bite-sized cotton candies into your mouth with your fruity drink or dessert!


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