What’s popular in Seoul for Fall/Winter 2015?

Seoul is a dense and fast-paced place that catches trends quickly, so it’s easy to see that change when we walk around the city.

Like last time, when I made a list for what was popular in Summer 2014 and Winter 2014, I asked around my expat friends and Korean friends about what seems to be popular in the past few months.

Let’s see what’s “in” for Fall/Winter 2015!

Fashion & Beauty

I asked around a few of my friends and most agree that Seoul seems to be bringing back the 90s fashion, like crop tops and overalls.

-The choker necklace is one of those trends. I first noticed in the drama Producers in May, and another drama, She was Pretty in September. It feels like they’re trying to make it a trend and some people like it but others think it looks like a dog’s collar.


-Another friend mentioned that compared to two years ago, tattoos are becoming more acceptable and seen as fashionable among Koreans. I also noticed that there are more henna stands on the streets of Hongdae.

-A lot of girls are also wearing preppy skirts and red&black checkered shirts. My friends also notice skirts, shorts, and pants in black leather.

스크린샷 2015-11-02 오후 5.44.20

-There is also a new type of nail art called the “glass nail” (yuri nail, 유리네일), which looks like blue and green shattered glass on your nail. It was also introduced on the Vogue.넹ㅇㅇ일– On the internet, celebrities have been introducing Eliza vecca’s carbonated facial packs.  (탄산팩)

스크린샷 2015-11-02 오후 5.54.12

-This is not a trend among adults, but the elementary school students are wearing sprout hair pins. They told me that the trend came from China.


스크린샷 2015-11-02 오후 6.12.05


There are a lot of food related shoes on Korean TV shows these days. Jongwon Baek (백종원) is a popular cooking show host, and an owner of many chain restaurants (새마을식당, 한신포차, 홍콩반점0410, 본가, 미정국수, 빽다방). In a show called My Little TV  (마이리틀 테래비젼), where he cooks while viewers give him live comments, he is known for using a lot of sugar for everything.

스크린샷 2015-11-02 오후 6.00.27

-Another cooking show called Please take care of my refrigerator (냉장고를 부탁해), which started one year ago, is also popular, but some say that the popularity is going down.

-The drama “She was Pretty” 그녀는 예뻤다 seems to be one of the most popular dramas these days. Both my students and co-workers has been talking about it.


How do you make a heart with your hands? The current trend of a “heart” in Korea is different from what you may imagine.
Many people have been using this in photos, but I also read from this article that this pose means “underwear” in Korean sign language!


-The Wow Gum (와우 껌is another trend among my students. They use this sticker on their phone case or their hand.



I asked some expats living in Seoul about which musicians they have noticed in the past few months and they mentioned
Hyeok-ohiKon , and Zion T.

When I asked a Korean friend, she said that the pianist,   Seong-jin Cho (조성진), is becoming popular among Koreans because he has been winning many competitions.

Can’t wait to see what will become popular next! 🙂


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