Teacher Orientation Day 6-7

During our teacher training, we always had our buffet meals on this yellow plate ๐Ÿ™‚

The last day of lectures began with planning, practicing, and creating our lesson materials. Through my experience as a volunteer ESL teacher, I was used to making quick and easy PPTs, so it felt like I was able to contribute to the group.

In the first afternoon lecture, we were shown how we use our textbook, and expand on it by adding activities that would be more interesting. Our lecturers keep on telling us about Waygook, which is a website where English teachers in Korea gather language activities and lesson plans.

I am glad we had the classroom management class, because I am always concerned about my lack of experience. The lecturer shared a story about how she dealt with her troublemaker students. Her advice was to keep rules simple, and to be consistent about it.

Although we were quite exhausted already, our presentation group met up one last time for a two hour practice. By actually doing it, we were able to find what didn’t work out with our original plan.

I was nervous Sunday morning for our presentation, but thankfully we were up and over with it as the first group to go up. It was a great feeling because we were able to relax and enjoy the other presentations. At the end, we evaluated each other, discussed about good qualities of a teacher, and chose our favorite presenters.

After the presentation was the moment that all the teachers were waiting forโ€ฆ finding out where which school we’ll be teaching in!! I was placed in northern Seoul (about 25 minutes away from the center of the city) but everything was still a mystery because I did not have internet access to research the school.

Everything after knowing our new workplace seemed to pass by quickly. We had our closing ceremony, delicious dinner including japchae (one of my favorite korean side dishes), and packed for our move-out. I’m going to miss my roommate’s story telling!


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