Teacher Orientation Day 5

In the morning lecture, we were given a book about past teachers and their experiences teaching in Korea. This will probably a nice read to prepare myself for anything that could happen this upcoming year.  

After the lecture we headed to the gym for some tae-kwon-do class. It was my first time wearing a martial arts uniform, and my friends and I quickly took pictures of ourselves with our obviously-inexperienced-person’s fighting pose. We first practiced letting our voices out. This was my favorite part because I like letting my voice out to relieve stress. The long warm-up required a lot of flexibility, which I do not have, and I was disappointed by how much of a wimp I am and how lame I looked. But when we proceeded to some kicking practice, the instructors gave us positive encouragement no matter how bad our kick was, so it helped me build some confidence. Our last mission was to crack the board with our fist. We wrote down our bad habits on the board, had our partners hold the board, and we cracked it in half. It took me two tries, and my fist hurt, but I did it.  

The afternoon lectures were about PowerPoint usage tricks, and cooperative learning. I thought both would be rather repetitive since I had already taken classes in my certificate program, but I was amazed by how there were so many ideas out there that I could still learn about. 

In the evening, we had our last Korean class, which we called “studying Korean snacks and drinks,” but more like just chatting and mingling. Although we met for only 3 short sessions, we were already looking forward to our next meeting out in the city. 

My last job of the day was to meet up with my group presentation teammates. We were all able to share our ideas, give our honest opinions to each of them, and wrap it up into an organized outline. Putting together ideas of three unique people is difficult, but I’m sure the end product will be rewarding. 


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