Seven Things to do in Fukuoka

From Seoul, Fukuoka is one of the closest Japanese cities to travel to. Travelers can also get the most out of a weekend getaway because the airport in Fukuoka is only 15-30 minutes away from the downtown area. Here are some things that you could do during your stay.

1 ) Eat ramen

Any visitor to Fukuoka must eat the ramen there because they have some of the best bowls of tonkotsu ramen. Some of their most famous locations areย Ippudo and Shin Shin Ramen.

I went to Shin Shin Ramen (Tenjin Branch) and was amazed by their Hakata Shin Shin Ramen, Mocchan, and the gyoza dumplings. Mocchan is a ramen with motsu-nabe toppings (beef or pork tripe with cabbage and garlic chives). The gyoza was so good I had to get a second plate.

Expect to see a line, but it will move quickly.

2 ) Eat spicy cod roe

Spicy cod roe is another specialty food from Fukuoka.

During my trip, I went to Ganso Hakata Mentaiju.

They are open early, so just skip breakfast at your accommodation and have your first meal of the day here! I went there at around 10 am and there was already a line.

The meals were expensive, but worth it. This was my first time having spicy cod roe soup. I didn’t expect it to be a good match, but it was surprisingly good.

Along with the spicy cod row with rice, I also had the dipping noodles, and it had so much flavor! I would definitely come back here for the noodles.

There are some teishoku (set meal) restaurants that serve an unlimited side of spicy cod roe as well. On my next visit, I want to go to Yamayaย for some motsunabe and unlimited spicy cod roe.

3 ) Go shopping

Areas near Tenjin Station and Hakata Station are two of the best places to shop in Fukuoka. Hakata Station itself is a huge building connected to shopping areas, and Tenjin station is next to a street full of department stores.

In AMU Plaza, one of the buildings connected to Hakata Station, I went to the Pokemon Center for some Pokemon related products and also bought these earrings at a small accessory shop. I noticed some tax free signs for tourists, but those didn’t apply to some stores.

4 ) Take a walk around Ohori Lake

Ohori Lake is a perfect way to get away from the busy city life in Fukuoka. It’s spacious, it’s beautiful, and it has plenty of PokeStops for Pokemon Go players ๐Ÿ˜‰

They also had a cafe and restaurant next to the lake.

5 ) Go to the Fukuoka Tower area for pictures

Fukuoka Tower and Momochi Seaside Park is a good place for pictures, but there are not many activities to do in the area. It took about 20-30 minutes by bus from the downtown area, and I only spent about 20-30 minutes there. It’s probably a better area to visit during the summer.

6 ) Go to a Jazz Bar

There are a few jazz bars in the Nakasu area and Tenjin area. The one I went to was Browny, which was right across from Shin Shin Ramen on the sixth floor.

It was a small place, but I loved the atmosphere. The owner told me that there are live performances once a month.

7 ) Go to a dessert cafe

Japanese people are obsessed with cute cafes and Fukuoka is not an exception. I did my instagram search and found a cafe called Desser+t. It’s located in an underground area connected to Tenjin Station.

They are famous for their parfaits served in a glass container.

Their other desserts looked great as well.

The next time I go to Fukuoka I want to go to Ito King, a cafe known for a wide variety of strawberry desserts. They only use the Fukuoka strawberry brand, Amaou Strawberries.


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