Bonfire- Outdoor BBQ Restaurant in Hapjeong

Do you miss campfire cooking? But too lazy to make camping plans? In Seoul, there are several restaurants where you can enjoy camping style BBQ indoors. One of them is Bonfire in Hapjeong.


When you walk in, the waiter may ask you if you want the indoor seating or outdoor seating. Even though they say outdoors, there is a ceiling and clear wall, so there is no problem even if you come here on a rainy day.


The camping chairs are a little bit low, so be careful when you try to sit down. Girls can get a blanket, so they can relax even if they are wearing shorts or miniskirts.


This is the menu. My friends and I ordered 200g of Moksal, 200g of Samgyeopsal, sausages, and beer. It was plenty for four girls. The sides are unlimited and are self-serve.


We were excited because it was a while since we’ve seen a thick chunk of meat. But we had to be very patient because it was grilled very slowly.


The only thing that this place was missing was marshmallowsโ€ฆ but it seems like a similar one nearย Kongik University has it!


After you walk out of exit 5 of Hapjeong Station, make a right at the next visible street. It will be a slight downhill. Continue walking until you see CU (a convenience store) on the right corner, and make a left on that street. You will see a restaurant with some mist coming out from the rooftop.

Itย can get crowded on the weekends, so try to go early!


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