Teacher Orientation Day 1

On our campus tour we were finally able to meet our classmates, who are also teaching in the same city. It’s interesting to meet people from Australia, Europe, Canada, and other states in the U.S. Since we all come from different backgrounds, but with similar interests, it is always fun to hear their life stories. The staff is also friendly, and we feel welcomed as foreigners.

Our meals are served in a buffet style, and kimchee is available for every meal. I’m thankful that they have a wide variety of vegetable side dishes. But I should watch what I eat carefully, or else I’d end up gaining weight!

In our opening ceremony, we had an amazing tae-kwon-do performance. I wish I took a video of it to share with others. The first lectures went over the rules on campus, and introduced us to Korean history and culture. This week we will be taking classes such as teaching methods, tae-kwon-do, and Korean language. Our days are going to be very long, so I am sure that I will have some deep sleep every night.


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