5 Places that I visited and Recommend in 해리단길, Haeundae, Busan, Korea

Ever since I discovered the 리단길 trend in Korea, I have been looking forward to actually visiting them, and I got my first chance recently in Haeundae, Busan! Here are the five places that I got to visit within the 24 hours that I was in 해리단길 (Haeridangil).

<1> Sakana Sikdang (사카나식당)

Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

My first stop was Sakana Sikdang (Sakana Shokudou, 魚食堂) because my husband convinced me that since we are in port city Busan, we should definitely get seafood. When we got there at around 6 pm, we were the third in line. We finally got inside after about 30 minutes, and got our food another 30 minutes after that.

And it was well worth the wait! Not only were these temari sushi balls cute, but also tasty. Those were some good quality fish. I would visit this place again if I have the chance.

<2> Haraneko (하라네코)

Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

For dessert, I chose Haraneko, which is a cafe that specializes in matcha green tea.

The store was cutely decorated with cats and Susuwatari from the Ghibli movie Totoro.

We ordered the Matcha Milk and Matcha Set which comes with a matcha terrine that looks like a cat’s head.

<3> Thai Back Street (타이백스트릿)

Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

The next day we went to Thai Back Street for lunch.

We got the Shrimp Pad Thai, Spring Rolls, and Som Tam (Papaya Salad). All three tasted great and my husband ordered an extra plate of spring rolls.

<4> Gourmet Bakery (고메빵집)

Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

Gourmet Bakery is a bakery that opened in April 2019. I got their melon bread and was surprised by how simple yet delicious it was. The outside was crunchy with the sugar cookie layer, and the inside was filled with sweet custard cream.

<5> Bee Coffee (비커피)

Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

My last stop was Bee Coffee. It was one of the biggest cafes in the area and also one of the prettiest.

We ordered the S’more Dip, Berry Crème brûlée, Peach Latte, and Chamomile Tea.

The S’more Dip crackers were a little dry but still good, and the crème brûlée was solid. My favorite was the peach latte which had freshly cut peach pieces inside.

I’ll be looking forward to my next visit to Busan because it seems like even more new cafes and restaurants will be opening up in this neighborhood!


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