Yummy Yomil- A Vegan Bakery in Hapjeong, Seoul

Ever since I had the vegan burger in Vegetus, I’ve become more curious about vegan burgers in Seoul. I’ve also liked the vegan burger in Plant, and recently, I also got a chance to try the vegan burger in Yummy Yomil.

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Yummy Yomil is a bakery near Hapjeong Station that promises the following 8 things:

  1. No egg
  2. No milk
  3. No butter
  4. No GMO
  5. No white sugar
  6. No preservatives
  7. No white flour
  8. No plant cream

The narrow store had about 3 counter seats, 4 tables for two, some semi-outdoor seats, and outdoor seats. There was such a huge variety of vegan burgers compared to the other two places that I have visited!

Vegetable Burger Sets (With today’s ade or americano and Non-GMO french fries)

Soy Burger (Bean patty & Vegetarian mayo) 7,800 KRW
Vegetarian Cheese Burger (Bean patty & Homemade “Cheese”) 7,800 KRW
Charcoal-grilled Burger (Charcoal-grilled bean patty & Vegan teriyaki sauce) 8,800 KRW
Jalapeรฑo Burger (Fried bean patty with jalapeรฑo sauce) 8,800 KRW
Real Mushroom Burger (Bean patty, stir-fried mushrooms, and garlic sauce) 8,800 KRW
Lentil Beet Burger (Lentil bean and beet patty with tartar sauce) 9,800 KRW
Black Bean Burger (Black bean patty with soy sauce) 9,800 KRW
Avocado Burger (Bean patty with avocado and Vegetarian mayo) 9,800 KRW
Spinach Cream Burger (Homemade patty with spinach and cream sauce) 10,800 KRW
Chick Pea Curry Apple Burger (Chickpea curry patty with grilled apples and homemade sauce) 10,800 KRW
Vegetarian Bacon Cheese Burger (Homemade “bacon,” “cheese,” and sauce) 10,800 KRW
Yummy Yomil Special Burger (Homemade patty, “cheese,” “bacon,” and sauce) 12,800 KRW

The sauce, pickle, and bread is freshly made every morning!


-Green salad 4,800 KRW
-Non-GMO french fries 3,800 KRW
-Vegan cheese french fries 4,800 KRW
-Mushroom cream soup 4,800 KRW
-Tomato lentil soup 4,800 KRW
-Sweet pumpkin soup 4,800 KRW

They also had many other baked goods inside the store.

I ordered the Yummy Yomil Special Burger and I enjoyed it! I’m excited to try their other burgers in the future. Bonus points for using reusable metallic straws ๐Ÿ™‚ Make sure to get there before 8:00 pm if you want to eat their burgers!


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