Be Our Guest- A Beauty and the Beast Themed Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul

About a month ago, I made a blog post about Disney Themed Cafes in Korea, and Be Our Guest was one of the cafes on the list. It is a Beauty and the Beast themed cafe in the middle of Hongdae, Seoul.

Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

Every customer must order at least one drink. The menu had some cakes, coffee, tea, ades, and shakes. The menu was also available in English and Japanese. I originally wanted to order some hot tea to see their pretty teapots and teacups, but it was too hot on the day I visited so I ordered an iced green tea latte.

From Instagram posts, I noticed that the one thing that everyone ordered was the “Beauty Cake (미녀 케이크)” which resembled the rose in the Beauty and the Beast story. On the menu, they also had the “Beast Cake (야수 케이크)” so I asked what it was, but they explained that it was a chocolate and Oreo based cake. It didn’t seem that special to me so I ordered the “Beauty Cake.”

The first floor had the cashier, two small tables visible from the outside, and a pink room that had no Beauty and the Beast decorations. The loud speaker played the entire Beauty and the Beast soundtrack so sometimes there was some intense, dramatic music instead of nice, calming cafe music.

The second floor with the lavender colored walls was the prettiest out of the three floors, so naturally more of the seats were filled. This is the floor to take your selfies!

The third floor had more wood-based furniture and bigger tables.

We had to wait for the buzzer to get our cake and drinks anyways, so we went back to the empty pink room on the first floor.

After a few minutes, I finally got to see the rose cake in person! I made sure to take a video of removing the plastic around the cake. (Click to the right of the Instagram post to see the video.)

Then I took a bite… and couldn’t stop myself from chuckling… it tasted so simple. It looked so creative but it didn’t taste creative at all. It was plain and dry sponge cake with some strawberry jam and bland whipped cream with some white chocolate flakes and three thin slices of strawberry. How was this 9,000 KRW…? Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t taste bad! But it didn’t taste great either. I didn’t want to waste my calories on it anymore, so I didn’t finish the cake.

I won’t go there again unless they up their game on the quality of their desserts, but it was definitely one of those cafes that are good for taking many vibrant-colored pictures for your Instagram.


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