2019 Must Be Strawberry- Strawberry Buffet at Peninsula Lounge and Bar, Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Korea

I love strawberries and I try to have as many as I can whenever it is strawberry season. When I visited Tokyo this past spring, I wanted to go to one of the many strawberry buffets hosted at hotels, but realized that I found it too late. In Japan, they are so popular that reservations must be made over a month in advance.

But after coming back to Korea, I learned that they are also picking up on this trend! I compared the strawberry buffets available in Seoul, and decided to make a reservation for the one at the Lotte Hotel because they had salads available as well.

Peninsula Lounge & Bar

Official Website / Naver Place


Dates– 2019. 01. 05~ 2019. 04. 21 (Saturdays and Sundays)
Times– 1부 : 11:30~13:30 | 2부 : 14:00~16:00
Price– Adults: 55,000원 / Children: 30,000원
*10% discount when you make a reservation on Naver.
Location– Lotte Hotel Seoul Main Tower 1F
*On the right side of the lobby desk. Next to the bakery.
Phone– 02-317-7131

My Experience

The desserts were good. They were not the best qualities that I’ve had, but I still enjoyed the environment, and each of my friends had different favorites. I would recommend getting one of each thing on a shared plate first and then getting seconds for the ones you like. I liked that there were also enough options for savory food to eat in between all the sweet bites.

I tried to get less carbs and more fresh strawberries on my plate, but I was still filled after five plates… one of the plates in the pictures below is my friend’s plate. I had to take a picture of it because she is such an expert at packing as many things as possible on one plate.

After strawberries, now they have Must Be Tropical until the end of August. If you’re curious, then make your reservations a few weeks ahead of time on Naver Reservation!!


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