Meerkat Park- Hyehwa, Seoul, Korea

Dog cafe, cat cafe, sheep cafe, owl cafe, hedgehog cafe, raccoon cafe… and now a meerkat cafe?!


My husband, who blogs on Naver Blog in Korean, got invited to blog about Meerkat Park in Hyehwa, Seoul. I’m not a big animal-lover but I’m always curious about trying new things, so I decided to tag along.

Meerkat Park

Hours 12:00-21:00
Address 1-113 6F, Dongsung-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
5 minute walk from Hyehwa Station exit 2
Google Maps / Blog / Naver Place / Instagram


After you take the elevator up to the 5th floor, you have to take the stairs to the 6th floor. Change into their slippers before you enter the Meerkat Park!

The admission fee is 10,000 KRW. There is no need to buy the overpriced bottled drinks.

Leave all your belongings in a cabinet (with no lock) that is right under the counter. [공실=empty; 사용중=occupied]

Make sure to read the rules and sanitize your hands.

When you are ready, a staff can guide you to the Meerkat Zone in the middle of the room.

Before you enter, you must remember to empty out all your pockets, avoid wearing long cardigans, and only bring your phone or camera.

The Meerkat Zone Guide was not available in English when I went.

  1. Customers can only enter the Meerkat Zone when they are with the staff. There will be a waiting list on busy days.
  2. Your stay in this zone is limited to 15 minutes. (If there are not many customers, you can stay longer or go back again.)
  3. Do not bring anything but your phones or cameras. Everything else should be left at the tables outside the Meerkat Zone.
  4. Take off your slippers and be careful not to step on the meerkats.
  5. The meerkats are sensitive and scared of big sounds. Don’t laugh loudly or whistle.
  6. It is dangerous to forcefully grab the meerkats. If you want to move the meerkats, ask one of the staffs.
  7. You must cover your legs with the blanket so that you don’t get peed on or bit by the meerkats.
  8. If the meerkats seem interested in your hand, there is a high chance that your hand will be bitten. Make sure to protect yourself by putting your hand in a fist or folding your arms in front of your chest.
  9. If you harm the meerkats in any way, you will be asked to leave.
  10. If you cannot follow these rules, you may not enter the Meerkat Zone.

The staff also mentioned that sometimes the meerkats could get interested in your earrings, so you’d have to cover your ears or take it off beforehand.

The Meerkat Zone Experience

Once we entered, we had to sit cross-legged in a chair, and cover our legs with a blanket so the meerkats won’t go between our legs and pockets or pee on our legs. We couldn’t move around at all while the meerkats jumped on and off of our laps and ran around freely. It was interesting to hear the sounds they make, but I got scared by how fast and unpredictable they were.

The meerkats loved my husband for some reason and all jumped on his lap but never on mine. That made it easier for me to take pictures.

If you want good pictures, wait until the staff walks towards the Meerkat Zone. All the meerkats recognize the staff and stares in the same direction. Don’t miss this chance!

After we got all the pictures, we called the staff and asked him to help us remove all the meerkats on my husband’s lap.

Dogs and Cats Outside the Meerkat Zone

The dogs were friendly, and the cats seemed relaxed.

*They have lint rollers in the hallway outside.

Will I go back? Probably not. I’m satisfied since I already experienced it once. Will I recommend it? If you love animals, then maybe it’s worth your time. If not, just enjoy other people’s pictures and videos.

Do you like animals?

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