Ang Butter (앙버터)- A Korean Bakery Trend Since 2017

When I visited Samyang Yeogwan last week, I found a scone with a sliced block of butter and red bean paste. They called this Ang butter (앙버터, あんバター). Ang, or “an/anko” means red bean paste in Japanese. When I clicked on the #앙버터 tag on Instagram and did some research on Naver, I realized that this was a trend in Korea that started at around November 2017. There were many other bakeries and cafes that also sold 앙버터 baked goods!

Here are 9 cafes and bakeries in Seoul that caught my attention.

<1> Seoul Coffee (Ikseon-dong, Seoul)

Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

Seoul’s Coffee‘s 앙버터 looks unique compared to 앙버터 baked goods from other cafes. They make two slits in a small loaf of bread, paste the red bean paste in the cracks and place a large block of butter on top of each crack!

Their first location is in Ikeson-dong, but they have other locations in Mangwon-dong, and Gyeongju’s 황리단길.

<2> Cafe Eepple (Mangwon, Seoul)

Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

This cafe in 망리단길 also sells 앙버터 scones. Their strawberry tart and cream brûlée looks good too!

<3> Coffee by September (Jamsil, Seoul)

Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

Coffee by September in Jamsil serves 앙버터 in a biscuit sandwich. I would like to try their other dessert menus and drinks as well!

<4> Along Bread & Cafe 빵길따라 (Yeonnam, Seoul)

Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

빵길따라 sells 앙버터 with different types of bread! You’ll get to choose from the Ang Pastry, the Ang Pretzel Stick, and the Ang Butter Ciabatta Sandwich. They also have samples in front of almost every bread, so you can compare them before buying it!

<5> Onion (Seongsu, Mia, and Ikseon-dong, Seoul)

Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

I’ve already blogged about Onion’s Seongsu-dong location, but now they’re open in Mia and Ikseon-dong as well. Their Ikseon-dong location is so pretty with the traditional hanok building!

They serve their 앙버터 in a scone and a ciabatta sandwich.

<6> Camel (Seongsu & Cheongdam, Seoul)

Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

Camel has two locations in Seoul, and they both serve 앙버터 in a soft baguette for 4,000 KRW.

<7> FourB Basic (Hongdae, Seoul)

Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

Hongdae’s FourB Basic put 앙버터 in a bagel!

<8> Kafe 1988 (Euljiro 3-ga, Seoul)

Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

1988카페 (or Kafe 1988) serves their 앙버터 with their homemade red bean jelly (양갱) with a slice of butter, biscuits, and strawberries.

<9> Ugly Bakery (Mangwon, Seoul)

Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

Ugly Bakery has the biggest variety of 앙버터 breads. They have a plain 앙버터 ciabatta, pumpkin 앙버터 ciabatta, black sesame 앙버터 ciabatta, matcha green tea 앙버터 ciabatta, sweet potato 앙버터 ciabatta, and 앙버터 pastry (앙츄= 앙버터 + 페이스츄리). Check their official Instagram account to see which ones are available that day.

Would you like to join this 앙버터 craze? It’s probably the type of food that you either love it or hate it, but why not at least try it?

If you like them, I would definitely recommend branching out to other cities in Korea or in Japan because they have their own 앙버터 desserts. #あんバター

앙버터 ciabatta sandwiches are also sold at the franchise bakery Paris Baguette for 2,300 KRW! They started selling them in March 2019.

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