Samyang Yeogwan- A Cafe, Guest House, and Public Bath in Suyu, Seoul, South Korea

Samyang Yeogwan (삼양여관) is a local cafe in Suyu that opened in October 2018. It’s a 20 minute walk from Line 4’s Suyu Station or a 5 minute walk from the Ui-Sinseol Line Hwagye Station. I found them on Instagram and thought their public bath theme was cute, so I decided to visit last weekend.


Naver Place / Instagram / Google Maps

Address: 서울특별시 강북구 덕릉로8길 6
(Seoul, Gangbuk-gu, Deokreung-ro 8-gil 6)
Phone Number: 010-8980-1856
Hours: 10 AM to 11 PM (Closed on Mondays)


Their entrance is on the first floor, and after you order, you can go to the second floor to find a table. I love the furniture and lights that they have used in this cafe. It seems like they change the artwork every month to feature a different artist.

They remodeled part of the motel to make it into a cafe, but kept the yeogwan (여관) door.

I forgot to take a picture but their bathroom tiles were cute too!


Their menu is categorized into coffee, non-coffee, ade, cream, smoothie, tea, milk tea (bottle), and seasonal. It seems like you could also stay at their guest house on weekdays for 35,000 KRW or on weekends for 45,000 KRW.

When I visited these were the desserts that were available.

  • Lemon scone
  • Plain scone
  • Cheese scone
  • Corn cookies
  • Brownies
  • Red bean and butter scone
  • Oreo brownies
  • Tiramisu
  • Strawberry Tiramisu

I was there too early for their strawberry muffin. Be sure to check their official Instagram account to see which desserts they are serving at what time that day.

Here’s what I ordered from the menu.

Milk Tea (hot/4,000 KRW)
and Strawberry Latte (cold/5,500 KRW)

The hot milk tea was simple and slightly sweet, and the strawberry latte was good as well. Both worth ordering again!

Strawberry Tiramisu (4,000 KRW)

This looked pretty, but the taste was just okay. The strawberry latte was sweeter and better than this dessert.

Brownie (3,000 KRW)

This may not look special in pictures, but it was one of the best brownies that I have had in Korea. Definitely get this if you ever visit this cafe!!! It was the right amount of sweetness. When you bite into it, you can enjoy three types of textures. You first feel a crunch, then you feel a mochi-like chewiness and in the center it is like a smooth bar of chocolate.

Next time I visit, I’ll have to make sure to take my stamp card.


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