Vegetus (베제투스)- A Vegan Restaurant in HBC, Seoul, South Korea

Why is it always difficult to consume more vegetables when we eat out? Because of the detox that I am doing these days, I have been trying make vegetables the majority of my meal. This becomes a problem when I go out to eat at normal restaurants because in most places, vegetables are less than 20% of the entire meal. The easiest option in my neighborhood were salads from the bakery Paris Baguette. To explore other options, I traveled farther into central Seoul.

riding a train

This past weekend, one of my friends introduced me to Vegetus, a vegan restaurant in Haebangchon (HBC), Seoul. She found this through Shuttle, a delivery service for English-speakers living in Seoul.



Vegetus- Google Maps

The restaurant could be difficult to get to from public transportation. It’s next to the Namsan, so depending on where you start you will be going up or down a steep hill. Bus stops are much closer to the restaurant than subway stations.

Tayo- Korean bus character

I was planning on taking a bus from Hoehyeon Station, but when I got there, the next bus was coming in 35 minutes. The estimated time for walking was also 30 minutes, so I had to walk along the Namsan and down some steep hills. I recommend using a Korean map application for the exact time that you will be leaving and make sure that the buses are coming soon.


The menu was available in both English and Korean and it provided detailed information about the ingredients and whether it was Gluten-Free (GF) or Nut-Free (NF). The second page of the menu had the drinks and desserts but I did not take a picture of it…


According to some Korean bloggers on Naver, the Vegetus Burger was the most popular item on the menu, so I was determined to order it.

What We Ordered

Photo Credit to my friend: @han_seoulo

Fries – 4,000 KRW

Classic potato wedges! Can’t go wrong with that.

Burrito Bowl – 12,000 KRW

Lentils, Onion, Garlic, Bell pepper, Corns, Tomato, Salsa, Cilantro sauce w/ Long grain rice & Nacho chips

Vegetus Burger – 13,000 KRW
Flavorful and satisfying. It let me forget that this is actually not meat! Loved the balsamic vinegar salad and the side potato wedges (fries) as well.

Organic bun, Lettuce, Tomato, Lentil patty, Grilled Eggplant & Onion, Sprouts, Cilantro sauce, Mayo with Small side salad
& Potato wedges

Bulgogi Panini – 11,000 KRW

House-made vegan Bulgogi, Baked tofu,
Mayo with Side salad

Mac’n Cheese – 12,000 KRW

Gluten free elbow, Cashew cheese sauce, Baby leaves

Mushroom Cream – 12,000 KRW

GF short pasta, Soy cream sauce, Mushroom, Onion, Baby leaves, House-made vegan parmesan

We liked the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of Vegetus and I was glad I ordered the flavorful Vegetus Burger. Most of the menu is for enjoying more of the flavor of the ingredients themselves, so some people may feel that it is bland. If we have more time next time, we want to browse their desserts and imported food section.

I was quite satisfied with my first vegan restaurant experience and I became more curious about other vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Seoul. My next stop will probably be Plant, a popular vegan restaurant near Itaewon station that has been recommended by many of my friends.

More information about Vegetus

Shuttle Delivery (English)


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