Returning the Bridal Bouquet as a Gift to the Bride in Seoul, South Korea

In Korea, most brides have to choose their bouquet receiver beforehand. I knew that I would be receiving my co-worker’s bouquet at least three months before her wedding. During that time, I learned that there is a new trend that requires more work for the bouquet receiver.

A bridal bouquet with some Juliet rose.

After getting the bouquet, the receiver returns the dried flower in a glass container. The glass container could be a jar or a dome. I do not know who started this idea, but it is spreading quickly in Korea. The older generations were surprised that this new tradition existed.

If you look at the instagram tags #부케선물#부케말리기선물 or #부케유리병, you will find many photos of bouquet receivers making a gift to return to the new bride.

I started drying the bouquet as soon as I got back from the wedding. First, I took the bouquet apart into individual pieces.


Then I laid out some extra petals into a box. IMG_2153

I used a clothing hanger and some rubber bands to put the flowers upside down to dry. I had to make sure that the flowers wouldn’t touch each other. IMG_2155 After one day, the petals were already dried up.


After a week, some of the colors came out darker than before.


Three weeks after I started, all of the flowers were dried up and ready to use. I kept the ribbons and needles from the bouquet so I can reuse it and I bought a small glass dome with some lights on Gmarket (LED Glass Dome).

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At first, I was greedy and I tried to put all of the dried flowers inside, but it didn’t look as pretty.

It looked much better when I left some empty space.

In a dark room, it COULD look a little creepy?

Next time, I would just dry 2 or 3 of the best flowers and make a more simple glass dome. Thankfully, I was able to surprise my co-worker with this gift and she seemed to love it 🙂


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