The Tomato Bingsu at “Tokyo Bingsu” in Seoul

Bingsu, or Korean shaved ice, is one of the best things you could enjoy in the humid summer in Korea. Usually, the traditional ones are topped with red beans and rice cakes, and recent ones are topped with fruits, chocolate, and ice cream.


But at Tokyo Bingsu, they have more unique toppings, such as the sweet pumpkin and caramel, grape, and tomato.

Sweet Pumpkin and Caramel Bingsu (9000), Tomato Bingsu (8900), Grapefruit Bingsu (9500), Matcha Bingsu (10500), Grape Bingsu (11800), Oreo Cream Cheese Bingsu (9500), Noodle Snack (3200), Mochi (6300), Pepper Coffee (4500), Coffee (3000), Coffee Bingsu (9500).

Their number one menu is the Tomato Bingsu. When I first heard about it, I did not want to try it because I imagined tomatoes to be coupled with savory food. But I finally felt like trying, and I was very glad that I changed my mind.


The tomato bingsu had a sugary tomato puree inside and outside of the shaved ice, which was also covered with condensed milk and topped with some black pepper. Everything balanced each other so well that I was at lost for words!


Keep these guidelines in mind before you enjoy the bingsu there!

  1. Don’t mix it. Scoop the ice flakes and sauce together in one bite.
  2. Eat quickly because the ice flakes will melt fast.
  3. Enjoy the wide variety of purees with the pure ice.
  4. After you’ve eaten most of your bingsu, use the straw to enjoy your melted bingsu latte.


I’m ready to go back for more of their tomato bingsu and their other unique flavors.


Tokyo Bingsu

…is a cafe chain that has 6 locations in Seoul:


…and 9 other locations throughout South Korea (1 in Busan, 1 in Daejeon, 1 in Ulsan, 2 in Gyeonggi-do, 1 in Gangwon-do, 1 in Cheongju, 1 in Jeonju, 1 in Changwon). 


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