Daerim Warehouse and Onion- The Two Cafes to go to in Seongsu, Seoul, Korea

Seongsu-dong is not a neighborhood famous for cute restaurants and cafes. In the 1960s there were many factories and in the 1970s there were many handmade shoe companies.

Recently, these two locations in Seongsu-dong have gotten popular because some those abandoned buildings have been made into artsy restaurants and cafes. I finally got to visit them both this past Sunday!

At about noon, I got to the huge doors of the Daerim Warehouse. When we tried to go inside, the workers asked us to read the sign outside before walking in.


I’m not sure if the rules are the same during the weekdays, but it required us to buy a 10,000 KRW entrance fee that was exchangeable with a drink. Part of it went to the drink, and part of it went to the gallery because this was a gallery/cafe/restaurant all in one place.

DRINKS: beer, wine, coffee, juice, and tea. FOOD: soup, salad, pasta, pizza, and dessert for lunch, and some extra dishes available for dinner.

At the cafe counter, we exchanged our entrance fee receipts for our drinks, and also ordered food.


We decided to get the Beef and Mushroom Salad and Carbonara Pizza. After receiving the buzzer for the drinks, we had to take our food receipt to the food counter, and we received another buzzer for the food.

While we waited, we made a quick walk around the gallery. There were many big tables that were laid out spaciously, so it looked great for big groups and families.

This was the dining area near the kitchen.
The cafe area where we order our drinks and food.
The main hall.
There was a mobile run by electronic motors.
Make sure to go there during the day to enjoy the sunroof!


They’re also selling coffee beans.
And they have extra seating in the second and third floor.


BZZZZ!! Time for drinks and food.

Our drinks were ready. We were starving because we skipped breakfast. A few minutes later we got our second buzzer telling us to come get the food.


Finally! Our fooooood. img_6228

The Carbonara Pizza. 23,000 KRW. Topped with bacon, parmesan cheese slices, parsley, mozzarella cheese, and an egg!

See the yolk there? I enjoyed every bit with the pizza edges.



The Beef and Mushroom Salad. 19,000 KRW. Green veges with shiitake mushroom, shimeji mushroom, white mushroom, tomatoes, grilled beef, and balsamic vinegar dressing. This fulfilled my salad craving. 🙂 The beef was delicious even by itself.  img_6231

After our meal, we walked around some more to digest and look at the artworks in more detail.

There were multiple stoves throughout the building.
This artwork was the one that I was most impressed by. Look at the details of a city view in Seoul!

img_6237 img_6238

There was a small garden under the sunroof. The lighting looked great for selfies. img_6239 img_6245img_6241

Our next stop, Onion,

was on the other side of the station, so we went back the way we came from, went upstairs to cross through the subway station and got out of exit 2.

We were quickly able to find this cafe.


I was curious because they were famous for their unique interior and their signature bread.

img_6253 img_6254

It was called Pandor (Golden Bread). It’s covered in powdered sugar and it’s soft. I didn’t get to try this time… I should have taken one to-go but that didn’t even cross my mind because I was so full. img_6255

They also sold sandwiches. img_6256

Chocolate tarts and savory breads as well.

img_6257 img_6259

People were enjoying their food and drinks at benches, tables, and rooftop.

img_6260 img_6261

The sofas looked comfy but some of the tables looked uncomfortably low. img_6264 img_6266

Hope you enjoy your stay in these cafes!

More information about these two locations:

Seongsu-dong Daerim Warehouse Gallery Column

img_6248HOURS: 11AM-11PM

ADDRESS: 서울특별시 성동구 성수이로 78
Seoul Seongdong-gu Seongsu-2-ro 78

PHONE NUMBER: 02-499-9669

img_6200_1DIRECTIONS: From Line 2 Seongsu Station exit 3, cross the street and make a right.


You should see this mural on your right.


Continue walking straight until you see the building on your left.





HOURS: weekdays 8AM-10PM. weekends 10AM-10PM

ADDRESS:  서울특별시 성동구 아차산로9길 8 (성수동2가 277-135)
Seoul, Seongdong-gu Achasan-ro 9-gil 8 (Seongsu-dong 2-ga 277-135)

PHONE NUMBER: 070-7816-2710

img_6201_1DIRECTIONS: From Line 2 Seongsu Station exit 2, walk straight and turn left at the first small street. You will see the cafe on your right.

If the weather is nice, and you need some exercise, I recommend walking towards Seoul Forest for a 30 minute walk. There’s another one of these container box shopping malls! Pandas are waiting to take selfies with you at Under Stand Avenue.

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