17 Things Expats do in Escape Rooms in Korea

I’ve been addicted to offline escape rooms (방탈출게임) for the past few months and here’s what I’ve experienced as an expat in Seoul.

  1. Learn some new Korean words when you try to make a reservation
  2. Finally get yourself to practice making phone calls in Korean
    HULU phone karen gillan call telephone
  3. Ask the store to see which room requires the least Korean
  4. Ask every friend that you have to see if they would be interested
    Mother’s Day kate hudson lets go let's go go
  5. Find expat friends that are equally passionate about escape rooms
    infomercial addiction youtube drugs random
  6. Go to at least two escape rooms in one day when you find those group of friends
    pokemon ash ketchum peace sign anime manga
  7. Find a Korean friend or an expat friend that has better Korean skills than you, so they can take on the Korean hints and clues
  8. Excavate everything in the room and wait until your friend does the puzzle that requires more Korean
    anime room messy toaru majutsu no index
  9. Skip the story part that is written all in Korean because it’s not that important 90% of the time
    idk shrug elmo i dont know television
  10. Ask for the meaning of a Korean word and make sure it doesn’t count towards the hints
    spongebob patrick spongebob squarepants sneaky planning
  11. Learn more Korean words by solving some puzzles
    AFV Babies babies afv aha raises hand
  12. Laugh because you struggle as you try to use all the Korean words you know and the staff also struggles to get out all the English they know
    reaction laughing awkward john kate
  13. Finally feel useful when there is an English or math-related puzzle
    math smart genius zach galifianakis the hangover
  14. Try all the digits on the lock before actually solving the puzzle
    happy smile hehe so happy toddlers and tiaras
  15. Realize the answer was correct, but the digits were not aligned perfectly, and that was the only reason the lock did not open
    frustrated frustration spike lee denzel washington malcolm x
  16. Scan the black light flashlight everywhere, and check again after learning the new hint
    HULU fear the walking dead flashlight tv amc
  17. End up solving the puzzles out of order because non-Korean puzzles were easier to solve
    oops yikes mistake uh oh yeesh

I’m off to do more escape rooms this weekend! Woohoo~ 😀 *trying not to think about how much I spent going to escape rooms.

All animated gifs are from giphy.com


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