The Skyfarm- Dine with a View of the Han River- Yeouido, Seoul

Trying to plan a romantic date night in Seoul?
Here is one idea for you.

Step 1: Make a reservation for a window seat at the 세상의 모든 아침. On holidays, they might not take reservations. If not, try to go before the busy hours.

Step 2: Meet your date at Yeouido Station (여의도역) exit 2.

Step 3: Walk straight from the exit and take a picture for your date.


Step 4: Make a left at the corner, find this sign, and take the elevator up to the 50th floor. img_5047

Step 5: Exit the elevator hall to the left to first enjoy the day view.

img_5090 img_5091

If your date is into Korean dramas, try mentioning W. One scene from episode 4 of this series was filmed here.

img_5087 Step 6: Go back and find the restaurant entrance at the other end of the hallway.


Step 7: Time to order. Click on the photos for a larger view.

img_5051 img_5052

Step 8: Enjoy the view from the window seat.

That’s Yeouido Park on your left.
How many helicopter landing pads can you see from your seat?
The indoor decorations are also great.


Step 9: Don’t forget to admire the plates and flowers.


Step 10: Enjoy some bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. And maybe sip on some wine. img_5060 img_5063

Step 11: Enjoy the food! But first let your date take pictures. Keep in mind that there is a two hour limit for seating on busy days.

Brussel sprouts!! A rare find in Korea. Grilled with garlic and figs.

img_5064 img_5068We ordered the King Prawn Tomato Linguine, Caprese Burger and French Fries, a side of Brussel Sprouts, and some house wine. The total came up to be 72,000 KRW for two people. img_5095

Step 12: Enjoy the sunset and night view, and pay for the dinner.


Step 13: Step out of the restaurant to enjoy more night views.

곳간 by 이종국. This is a private dining place for a large group. You must make a reservation beforehand. Courses start at 150,000KRW.
This is a space that can be used for events, parties, banquets, etc.
Looks great day and night.
See the Korea National Assembly Building(국회의사당)?

Step 14: Suggest going to a cafe, bar, or a night bicycle ride in Yeouido Park. Anyone can easily rent a bike inside the park.

세상의 모든 아침 (The Skyfarm)

(Sesang-ui Modeun Achim / All of the World’s Breakfasts)

HOW TO GET THERE: From Yeouido Station exit 2, walk straight until you reach an intersection. Make a left at the corner, and walk straight until you see these signs. Go up to the 50th floor of the building on the right.
img_5048 img_5049img_5079

ADDRESS: 서울 영등포구 여의도동 28-1
28-1 Yeoeuido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

PHONE NUMBER: 02-2055-4442
Make reservations before 5PM.

HOURS: 9AM-11PM (L.O. 9:30 PM)
Break time: 3 PM-5PM

See more pictures on facebook and instagram!


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