Pokemons in Chocolate Pokeballs at Vant 36.5 Menon- Hongdae, Seoul

Did you grow up with Pokemon as a child? I did.

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In 1997, my family and I started watching Pokemon in Japanese, and then eventually watched it in English as well. Ever since we started watching the animation series, we got the new Pokemon game cartridges, cards, stamps, toys, backpacks, eating utensils, and stuffed dolls. We visited the Pokemon Center in Tokyo, and also had a birthday cake with a Pikachu picture.

And of course, this summer, I played Pokemon Go in Tokyo. I miss playing it… because Korea doesn’t have Pokemon Go due to some national security issues 😦 *Except for Sokcho, which happened to be outside the “Korean map” when the map was divided into rhombuses.

But now, I found a place where I can “catch” Pokemon in Seoul, Korea! 24 hours after my friend posted this picture of Bulbasaur sleeping next to a Pokeball, I was at this cafe to catch my own Pokemon.

Spent ages avoiding breaking my cute chocolate pokeball so i was ecstatic to find this little guy sleepin inside ♡♡♡♡. . . . #hongdae #seouleats #seoulfood #vant #므농 #홍대 #카페 #맛스타 #먹스타 #디저트 #홍대카페 #홍대맛집 #초코 #디저트그램 #카페스타그램 #먹방스타그램 #맛있다그램 #오늘뭐먹지 #달달 #포켓몬고 #飯テロ #カフェ巡り #食べ歩き #チョコレート #デザート #カフェ #スイーツ #美味しい #韓国旅行 #韓国カフェ

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There is a total of 5 sleeping Pokemons that could be in this Pokeball, according to the cafe’s official instagram.

I went there on Saturday at around noon… and it was there!


The monster ball cake…!! 5000 KRW each. IMG_4803

Ordered some tea because I knew it was going to be sweet. IMG_4804

I love how most Korean cafes have free wifi. IMG_4806

Now to wait until this buzzer rings…

IMG_4807짜잔~~ My pokeballs! I got greedy and got two of them…


Which of the figurines would be inside this one…?IMG_4810

We also ordered that white dessert in the back and it was quite delicious! The texture was unique as well.

Now time to open it in half with a fork and a knife…

And the first one was…IMG_4814

Pikachu!!!! My favorite ❤ The figurine was wrapped in plastic.


Inside there were some coconut covered mini brownies. IMG_4817

The white chocolate shell was quite sweet. IMG_4818

Now ready for the second Pokeball waiting in the back…!

It’s a Bulbasaur!! 이상씨(isangsshi) in Korean
and フシギダネ(fushigidane) in Japanese.


So cute… but it was a lot of chocolate,
so I couldn’t finish the last half of a Pokeball. IMG_4824

But they’re mine now 😀



Vant 36.5 Menon Hongdae (반트 36.5 므농 홍대점)
vant365 map

From Hongik University Station exit 9, go straight. Turn left at McDonald’s, and go up a slight hill on the main street. When you see KEB-Hana Bank on your left, turn left. Turn left on the next small street, turn right on the next street, and then you should see the pink store on your left.




The second floor is a cosmetics store. IMG_4842

Seoul Mapo-gu Wawoo-san-ro 29-ga-gil 84
서울특별시 마포구 와우산로29가길 84


11:30 AM – 10:30 PM


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