Fingerprint Art at Cafe Vachi near Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea

As I was looking up some more 이색카페 (unique cafe) locations in Seoul, I found a “finger print art” cafe near Konkuk University Station.



Step 1– Sit down at a table with a menu and look at your options. They also have drinks, food, a Turkish coffee making set, and a mug designing set.

IMG_3572 IMG_3574

Turkish coffee fortune telling?IMG_3575 IMG_3579

Design your original mug. IMG_3573 IMG_3576

Step 2– Tell the staff that you are interested in the fingerprint art. Choose the Single or Couple set.

Single Set (35,000 KRW): One A3-sized frame, two Fingerprint art base designs, and one Americano

Couple Set (40,000 KRW): Two A3-sized frames, three Fingerprint art base designs, and two Americanos 

Even if you are two people, you can choose to get the Single Set. My friend and I didn’t need too many frames so we got the Single Set, and added the price for another drink.

IMG_3577 IMG_3578

Step 3– Choose the base designs that you would like to use.

IMG_3580 IMG_3581

Step 4– Use colored pencils and your fingerprints to decorate the picture! Make sure to wipe your fingers on the wet towel before changing ink colors.

IMG_3582 IMG_3583 IMG_3584

If you don’t want to use this cafe’s wet towel… you should bring your own wet wipes. IMG_3585 IMG_3586 IMG_3588 IMG_3589

Step 5– When you are finished, ask the staff to have it placed in a frame. You can choose a black frame or a white frame.

IMG_3591 IMG_3592 IMG_3601


IMG_3564 IMG_3565 IMG_3566 IMG_3567 IMG_3569 IMG_3571

ADDRESS: 서울특별시 광진구 동일로20길 72
(Seoul Gwangjin-gu Dong-il-ro 20-gil 72)

PHONE: 02-468-1144

HOURS: 10:30 am – 10:30 pm

Official Website

Details of the Fingerprint Art

Details of the Custom Mug Designing

Details of the Turkish Coffee Making with an Ibrik
(need a reservation: give a preferred date and time by phone)

スクリーンショット 2016-07-12 午後11.57.44DIRECTIONS: From Line 2 Konkuk University Station, walk down the stairs of exit 6. Make a left on the first street and make a right on the next small street.


You will see a store called Juicy (which is quite popular in Korea these days), and it will be on the second floor. The stairs are located on the left side the ice cream store.


If you walk down further on that street, you will see the Common Ground shopping complex on your right.


4 thoughts on “Fingerprint Art at Cafe Vachi near Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea”

  1. So when I lived in Korea I was obsessed with going to theme cafes! I am so sad this wasn’t around or I didn’t know about it! Easily could have been my number one

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