Jigsaw Puzzle Cafes in Hongdae, Seoul

Seoul is one of the best places to find unique cafes to hang out at. Recently, I learned about “Jigsaw Puzzle Cafes” and finally got to try it out.


This was the first puzzle that I worked on. 
IMG_3097 IMG_3098IMG_3101

And the second one.
With two people, both puzzles were done in about 40 minutes each.

How it works


There is a time limit to this cafe because on some days, there could be people waiting outside. On weekdays, it is 2 hours and 30 minutes, and on weekends and holidays, it is 2 hours.


Every customer must order one drink. This is a common rule among many themed cafes. I ordered a green tea latte and it got watered down pretty quickly because there was so much ice. Maybe you could ask for less ice.

The price ranges from 5,500 KRW to 8,000 KRW. They serve coffees, lattes, juice, beer, and teas.


Jigsaw puzzles that are set on the counter next to the cashier are free of charge. They are around 150 pieces each. Customers can try many different types of puzzles within the time limit.


If a jigsaw puzzle set is bigger than 500 pieces, it must be purchased. That puzzle can be kept at the store for up to 3 months. After completing the puzzle, customers can purchase a picture frame, and get it wrapped. Jigsaw puzzles made in Korea have an after-sales service.


After you order your drink and pay, take this board and a puzzle box and enjoy your puzzle!

How to get to Cafe Puzzle 1


From Hongdae (Hongik University) Station exit 9, make a left. Make a right at the third street. It will be on your right side, on the third floor of the building with VDL (a cosmetics store).

スクリーンショット 2016-05-21 午後9.54.09

This location is open everyday (except for two days: One day from the Korean Lunar New Year’s and one day from the Chuseok Thanksgiving holiday). They are open from 12 PM to 10 PM.

How to get to Cafe Puzzle “Second”

There is a second location that is only 5 minutes away by walking.

スクリーンショット 2016-05-21 午後9.53.31

On the map, this second location is called “Second Puzzle.” From Hongdae Station exit 9, turn left. Turn right at the second street. It would be on your left side on the fourth floor.

This location is closed on Tuesdays, and their hours are 1 PM to 10 PM.


On the second and third floor there is a Chinese food restaurant.IMG_3082

If you look closely, you can find this location behind the trees. IMG_3084

Get ready to climb up to the fourth floor~! I couldn’t find any elevators. It’s a tiny building… Not handicapped-friendly.


The second location had 9 couple seats that faced the walls or the window, 2 tables for four people, and 2 tables for two people.

When I went there on Saturday at around 4 pm, the store was filled with only couples. The only one solo was the cashier, who was working on a jigsaw puzzle as well. Some couples were working on the same puzzle, and others were competing to see which one could finish a puzzle faster. IMG_3095

The seat next to the window could get pretty hot from the sunlight. I recommend getting other seats in the summer.



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