Three Sapporo Specialty Foods That I Would Go Back For

Whenever you travel anywhere in Japan, you have to make sure to check out their regional specialty foods. My friend and I traveled to the northernmost island of Japan for the Snow Festival, and we were impressed with these these Sapporo specialties.


Revolving Sushi Bar (回転寿司)

When I go to Japan, I always go to a revolving sushi bar. As I was looking for recommended places to eat in Sapporo, a few mentioned that this chain restaurant in Hokkaido had one of the best quality sushi out of all the revolving sushi bars in the country.


Toriton(トリトン)- Revolving Sushi Bar


I’ve been to many sushi restaurants in California, Korea, and Japan, but this was truly one of the BEST. IMG_0475

When we sat down we first got to choose which soup we wanted.IMG_0474Every plate that we grabbed was delicious…! IMG_0476 IMG_0477 IMG_0478Please make sure to ask your sushi chef for some wasabi because it is true… fresh… wasabi!! After eating it you will know the difference between real and fake wasabi. IMG_0479

Their desserts were also great! IMG_0482

We were so happy and content after devouring these plates…! 🙂

This is a Hokkaido-based revolving sushi bar chain. Outside of Hokkaido, there is only one location currently open in Tokyo’s Sky Tree.

Hours: 11 am to 10 pm (last order 9:45 pm)

Locations: You can find the hours and location (google maps) on this website.

Miso Tsuke-men (味噌つけ麺)

Sapporo is famous for their miso ramen, and there are so many that there is a book of just ramen restaurants in the area. Tsuke-men is also another popular type of noodles served in ramen restaurants. It is ramen divided into a noodle bowl and a dipping sauce bowl.

Fuuraidou(風来堂)- Miso tsuke-men

IMG_0379 At 8:30 pm, my friend and I walked in the snow to find this yellow banner glowing in the dark, quiet neighborhood. The seats were still full with locals and students. From the vending machine we got tickets for the signature miso tsuke-men (dipping ramen) and a soft-boiled egg. You can choose if you want the dish hot or cold.IMG_0380As we took each bite by dipping the noodles into the sauce and slurping them together, we could only hear each other awe and wonder why it was so delicious. After you finish all the noodles, you can add some clear soup to the dipping sauce so you can enjoy drinking it at the end. IMG_0381
Weekdays- 11 am to 9 pm (closed 3:30-5:30)
Weekends -11 am to 9 pm

Walk out of exit 2 of Gakuen-mae Station. Make a left and walk straight. The yellow ramen store will appear on your left. It is located across the street from a convenient store called Family Mart.

Soup Curry (スープカレ)

Another Sapporo specialty is “soup curry.” It’s curry flavored soup with largely cut vegetables like lotus root, pumpkin, broccoli, and cabbage, which are not usually used in a normal plate of curry and rice. When eating soup curry, the rice is always served in a separate bowl.


Soup Curry Yellow (スープカレーイエロー)

When my friend and I were in Susukino, a downtown area in Sapporo, we wanted to go to “Soup Curry Yellow” because it seemed to be the most popular soup curry restaurant in the area. But when we got there at around 5 pm, they were already closing because they were sold out for the day… it makes me curious about how good their soup curry is.

According to their website, they have menus available in English, Chinese, and Korean, and they also have free wifi for customers.

Hours: 11:30 am – 9:30 pm (closed when sold out)

Walk out of exit 1 of Toho Line’s Housui-Susukino Station. Make a right u-turn out of the stairs and make a left at the next corner. Make a left on the next small street, and you’ll find the curry restaurant on the right side. It looks like it’s at the first floor of an apartment.

Curry Shop S (カレーショップエス)

We went to our second choice, “Soup Curry S” and we were not disappointed. It was the perfect dish after walking around all day looking at snow and ice statues. The soup was smooth and each piece of vegetable was delicious.

You can choose the type of soup base, toppings, level of spice, type of rice, and amount of rice when you order. They also have a website, but it is not available in other languages. But if you know enough Japanese, maybe you can go to their online store to enjoy this taste at home. 
IMG_0633This was the chicken vegetable curry.


This was a winter special menu, but I forgot the exact name of it ><
Hours: 11 am to 10:30 pm

From exit 2 of the Namboku Line Susukino Station, you will see a Mc Donald’s on the corner of a street. Walk on the right-side of Mc Donald’s and within a few strides you will see the stairs down to the entrance of Curry Shop S. If you pass by the convenience store Lawson, you’ve gone too far.

This is not food, but my friend and I also recommend the Sapporo Beer Sampler at the Sapporo Beer Museum! Enjoy three different beers for 600 JPY! The Black Label goes well with cheese, and Kaitakushi beer goes well with the crackers.



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  1. I came here after a google search on good eats in Jeonju but started to look around and found your post on food recommendation in Sapporo which is another place I plan to visit in the summer. I’m not that fond of curry but I wonder what curry soup tastes like since I keep seeing it when I search food recommendation Sapporo. Thanks for sharing!

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