“Mozzarella in the Burger” from Korea’s Lotteria

Last week, I asked the sixth graders about what they ate last weekend as a classroom warm up, and a few students answered “I ate mozzarella in the burger.

Yes, “mozzarella in the burger.” Not a mozzarella burger. I had no idea what it was, but apparently it was new popular burger.

Then I saw a video by Dave (데이브) and finally found out what the students were talking about.

It was a new hamburger menu from Korea’s Lotteria. As you may already know, I am a cheese lover, so I had to immediately go out to try this.

제목 없음dmadmadma

The poster claims that this is made from 99.9 % all natural cheese. There are two types. One is the hash brown type (해쉬) and the other is the double (더블). The only difference between the two is that the “hash” only includes a hash brown, cheese, and the crunchy mozzarella patty, and the “double” adds a meat patty to that. These burgers have to be fresh, so they start making it right after you place your order.

  • Hash 4,500 KRW
  • Hash Set 6,100 KRW
  • Double 5,300 KRW
  • Double Set 6,900 KRW

You can also add an extra hash brown patty to any burger from the menu with an extra charge.

The mozzarella extended this long….!


You may get tired of the taste because it’s oily and has no vegetables in it. After a few bites I started adding ketchup. It is definitely a good idea to get a salad or another burger on the side.

But since I love cheese and I love potatoes I loved this. I would eat it again. 🙂


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