*Location Closed* Flip Pop: A Flip Book Studio in Hyehwa, Seoul

April 2018 update: Location Closed

Do you remember doodling on the corner of your book
to make your stick figures come to life by flipping through the pages?

For example, this “Gangnam Style” flip booksdfgpsy

But have you ever made a flip book out of your photos??

If you go to Hyehwa‘s Flip Pop, you can make your
original flip book from a seven second video.



From Line 4 Hyehwa Station, walk out of exit 4 and make a left onto the main street. You will be passing a CGV on your right. Eventually you will see this bright orange store on your left.


Once you enter, you will be at
a narrow waiting area next to the counter.


If there is no one ahead of you, you will be immediately led to the small studio of the tiny store.


How it works

 First you have to choose one of these backgrounds. You can change the background as long as you do that before the actual recording.
Click the picture for a bigger view.


Then you can start using these props
to practice what you want to do within seven seconds.

There are masks, sunglasses, wigs, hats, flowers,
ribbons, outfits, and a board with a phrase.


This one says “Our friendship is forever.”

You can see yourself on the TV screen.


 It would be a good idea to look at other people’s examples, so you know what you can do in your flip book.

Time for the recording!

You will given up to 3 tries to get your best shot.


After you finish your seven second recording,
you have to choose the cover for your flip book.

The covers on the picture below is 9,900 KRW for one book
and 15,000 KRW for two books.


These covers are 8,900 KRW for one book,
and 14,400 KRW for two books.

By the time you finish choosing your cover and wear your coat, your first book will already be complete! So fast… and while you are making your payment, the second book will be ready as well.

The ResultIMG_5171IMG_5172admin-ajaxqqadmin-ajaxwwadmin-ajaxeeIMG_5176

Have fun making your random seven seconds into a book!

March 2017 update: Have you seen this cuteness overload video
with Seungjae from The Return of Superman? ^^


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