The Korean “Wow Gum” featuring the Webtoon “Love Revolution”

What are these stickers that my students have on their hands and phone cases??


Recently I realized that those stickers came as gum wrappers for Wow Gum (와우껌), and the characters were from a webtoon called Love Revolution (연애혁명).IMG_4805

I started reading the series, and it’s a good way to learn some Korean high schooler slangs. But many of the Korean words that they use are not the dictionary spellings, so that may get tricky for Korean learners, or it may be easier because it’s the phonetic spelling.

IMG_4855I also got curious about the actual gum, so I bought it!!

득템 = 각+아이 = I got this item!
이런! = Shoot…!
부룩 =   grrrr (anger)
사랑햇 = I love ya
ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ = shiver in fear or shock
IMG_4807 IMG_4808

There was a warning sign… to not put it on your skin… they say that if you ever do, use a tape to remove it instead of trying to rub it off. IMG_4811

I wanted to first practice with a not so cute one.

Peel the sticker, paste the sticker, rub on the picture from the top,  and peel away slowly~!


I failed at the end haha…! The caption “이런!” is perfect for this.IMG_4813

Now time to decorate my phone case! Slowly~ Carefully~IMG_4814

Yee! It looked beautiful when I did it, but once I put it in my pocket, the ends started to gather dust… T_T This won’t last too long.IMG_4815

발했음 = I fell for you.
아잉 = the sound you make when you try to be cute?
깜놀 = 랐다 = You scared me. “In shock.”
심쿵 = 장이 = a sharp pain in my heart (???)
= nope


세젤귀 =상에서 제일 궤여워 = You’re the cutest in the entire world.

After opening the first one, I got curious about the stickers in the second one! And later I just wanted to look at the stickers and didn’t care about the gums… I’m not much of a gum eater. It feels like this happens to a lot of snacks that comes with stickers, cards, or toys. IMG_4816


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