Raccoons Roaming Around in a Cafe in Hyehwa, Seoul- 라쿤카페 꾸꾸네

When Americans think of raccoons, they may think of the mischievous ones that go through your trash and get into a fight with your pets, but in Asia, where raccoons are not native to, they are often seen as rare and cute.

Like the Ghibli film Ponpoko or the animation Rascal the Raccoon.

2013071602401320140422_1bThat’s probably why they can even come up with the idea of making a cafe full of raccoons. At this cafe, customers can pet and take pictures of raccoons! They were quite active, fluffy, and cute.


How to get there

Go to Line 4 Hyehwa Station exit 4.
Make a left from the exit and walk towards CGV.

스크린샷 2015-10-22 오후 10.47.40

It’s in the building with Etude House on the 1st floor.

IMG_4509 Take the elevator up to the fifth floor.
This place used to be a cat cafe. IMG_4510 IMG_4511

In the elevator, there was a sign saying that the cafe is for ages 15 and up,
but on a sign next to the door, it said ages 12 and up.




Closed Mondays

Tu, W, Sa 13:00 – 22:00
Th, F, Su 14:00 – 22:00

Don’t forget to take off your shoes and change into slippers!
IMG_4513The entrance fee is 6,000 KRW and you also have to buy one drink.

The drinks are 1,500 KRW to 3,000 KRW.

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smoothie (strawberry mango).




Here’s a looooong list of rules for this cafe!

Please don’t feed the raccoons plastic, paper, string/cord, chocolate, caffeine, milk etc. because it’s not good for their health.

Watch out for your drink even if it’s an empty cup. Always hold on to your drink and bring it to the counter as soon as you finish drinking.

Please let the raccoons play freely, and don’t annoy them too much.The raccoons may bite you, your clothes, or your belongings.

Don’t try to hold the raccoons in your arms. Don’t touch anywhere near its face, and only gently pet its back.
Never touch a sleeping raccoon. 


If the raccoons try to touch your belongings,
lift it up so they cannot reach it.

Please avoid clapping or whistling excessively.

Don’t stand on the tables or chairs. Don’t sit on the floor.

Please don’t let the raccoons use your body or bag
to climb up this wall.

IMG_4607 The store cannot take responsibility for belongings that the raccoons grab.
Watch out! Or else it will end up like this bracelet: 

The cafe owner can keep your belongings in a locker or behind the counter if you prefer to do that instead.
IMG_4562 IMG_4563 IMG_4564


And now enjoy some cute raccoon pictures
and get an idea of what the cafe looks like!!

There are six raccoons total.

IMG_4516 IMG_4519 IMG_4521

They run under the chairs and tables. IMG_4522 IMG_4536 IMG_4540

This white one liked the chains. IMG_4541 IMG_4543

They are fast. IMG_4544

They are the center of attention.IMG_4548

This seems to be their bed. IMG_4550 IMG_4570 IMG_4576

They sometimes eat at this corner.IMG_4580 IMG_4582 IMG_4583 IMG_4584 IMG_4585 IMG_4587 IMG_4588

This one smiled for the camera 🙂 IMG_4594 IMG_4597

More chains.

The tails are so cute! IMG_4603 IMG_4604 IMG_4605

They’re cute when they stand too!IMG_4606 raccoon

Just be careful with your drink and belongings!

Hope you enjoy your time at
Raccoon Cafe Kkukkune (라쿤카페 꾸꾸네)

And if you have extra time, stop by the other raccoon cafe as well 😉


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