More Addictive ESL Songs

In my first year of teaching ESL, I made a blog post about three addictive ESL Songs. Now that I am on my  third year of teaching English to students in Korea, I know some more addictive ESL songs that I use in class.

Do you like broccoli ice cream?

I use this when the lesson involves food. The song is originally “Do you like ___?” but I also had the students switch “like” to “want” so they can also practice “Do you want ___?”After letting them listen to the song once, I ask the students which of the yucky food combinations that they would be willing to eat.

People in my town

In my school, occupation is a topic that comes out in both fourth grade and sixth grade. In fourth grade, this song is difficult for many students, but it is still a good to ask “What kind of jobs did you see in the video?” and see how much they know. Even the low level students will remember “doctors, nurses, astronauts…” and “Hey brother, what’s going down?” because those are the most repeated phrases.

To give a challenge for the sixth graders, I ask them to remember all the job names in the correct order. They can work in teams to try to remember all seventeen names. If I have extra time, I would try to teach them how everything is rhyming… 🙂

On In Under

For this song, we can sing and use hand motions to remember prepositions. The students will start humming this when they take a test about prepositions.

What color is the sky?

This song is used for the third graders at our school. It’s easy to sing along, and the students like it when the song becomes faster in the second half.

Do you want to build a snowman?

This song can be used as a motivation builder for a “Do you want to __?” lesson. For this song, I had the students count how many times the music video included “want” and “don’t.” (There were five “want”s, four “don’t”s and one “doesn’t” if I haven’t miscounted!)

Which songs do you remember from elementary school?
I remember this song clearly from kindergarten… the Pizza Hut Song… We sang this with cute hand motions. Why did they teach us a song to remember fast food chain names? I don’t know…

But I didn’t know there was more to this song! The only part I knew included McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut. I also didn’t know that the original song was much more fast paced… haha


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