Print your Selfie on your Drink at Caface in Hongdae, Seoul

When I first saw my friend’s facebook post, I couldn’t believe it… and then I thought “Korea would do it…” Printing your selfie on a drink! This is definitely worth a try when you’re in Seoul.

My Experience

We told the owner that we want the selfie drink and he told us that it is best to get a cold coffee or latte for best results.

IMG_3415 IMG_3414You get a stamp for each drink that you buy. Your 11th drink is free!IMG_3413

There is a photo booth between the cashier and the entrance.

IMG_3489Use the phone in the booth take a selfie!

IMG_3408Remember that your face will be cut out into a circle.


The magic happens behind that black curtain. IMG_3411 IMG_3410

We waited for a few minutes taking pictures of the cafe. IMG_3490This was the result!!
The walk from the counter to our table was terrifying,
but I  managed to carry it safely. 

It’s also fun to destroy it after taking many pictures.

The photo was printed on whipped cream 🙂



They have coffees, lattes, yogurt smoothies, frappuccinos, tea,
ades, fruit juice, and patbingsu for 3,500-5,500 KRW

Printing a picture on your drink would cost an extra +2,500 KRW.

*The picture needs to be on a cold drink.
Coffees and lattes are the best choice for clear pictures.

How to get there

*new location

In the building with the Hongdae Trick Eye Museum on the B2 floor.


*old location

From Hongdae Station (Hongik University Station, 홍대입구역) exit 9, walk straight, and make a left at the next big intersection. Make a right at the most lively street of Hongdae. Make a left at the third small street on your left side. You’ll see Caface as soon as you make that turn. The green triangle in the map is the Hongdae Park (홍대 놀이터). Click the picture for a larger map.IMG_3405



Hope you enjoy this cafe as much as I did!


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